7-12-2016: The Dream Double Date

Hello to any and all who may be reading this. We’re in the midst of possible thunderstorms here in Central Indiana. Not surprisingly I’m in the midst of setting up to do homework for tomorrow evening. In the meantime I’m going to try to keep this daily blog thing going for at least two straight days. I’m also going to take a moment or five to reminisce about something that was a big positive for me because July 12 is in fact the anniversary of one of the biggest thrills I had from my high school life at not-so-scenic Noblesville High. Only this time, well, for the soon-to-be high school senior me it was the best possible scenery that could possibly have taken happened….especially since two years prior I was a 5 foot 4 inch, 200 plus pound individual who was more than likely to be a travelling freak show as opposed to actually being seen with any fairly attractive woman in public. (See the early Instagram posts on @fitzthoughts. That should explain plenty).

How good was the scenery and how big was this evening for me? Enough for me to handle a third rate Star Wars influence (or better yet perhaps just simply under the influence) laser sword fight involving the soon to be disgraced Grammy Award winning pop duo Milli Vanilli.

Yes, Milli Vanilli.

If you have not stopped chuckling yet, more power to you. And I have admittedly not done myself any favors by mentioning the name if you’re a man, woman or inanimate object that demands honesty and soul from their recording artists of choice. Or at least if you’re someone who prefers those who don’t lip sync to their “hit” songs.

But if you’re still reading, again more power to you as I request you to hear me out.

Whether it be Milli Vanilli or former Hanna Barbara cartoon Magilla Gorilla or the late WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon on the bill, it mattered not on that nice summer evening of July 12, 1990. Because that night was a night where I found that my days of being a 200 pound plus object of ridicule from Alfred E. Newman lookalikes at the Sonland (again my name for Noblesville High) were all for naught as me and good friend Danny Davis (also Sonland Class of 1991) were able to do something that one year prior I would have simply dismissed as having as much chance of happening as the Indianapolis Colts actually winning a freaking Super Bowl. Well the adult version of me was lucky enough to see said Colts actually do that (I was at the 2007 AFC championship game with the epic comeback against New England…there will be some beverage related recapping of that time frame someday because it’s rare to see grown men sitting by you in the RCA Dome turn around and say “I flew from Miami to see this” without blinking an eye), and the teenage version of me and said Davis had one evening where we were both very, very lucky individuals.

For good reason.

It was the night we got to go out with two fantastic-and gorgeous, as in GORGEOUS-women.

The names of said women: none other than the lovely Byers sisters, Trina (who would be crowned homecoming queen of our class later that fall) and Jennie (the current Mrs. Jennie Lane).

Like I said, Davis and I were in good spirits that evening. As in ‘HOW IN THE BLOODY #!@$% IS THIS HAPPENING to US?’ spirits.

(Incidentally, another Grammy Award winner was on the bill for that summer evening show at the then named Deer Creek Music Center. Young MC-he of ‘Bust the Move’ fame- dominated the evening with a solid set. Not coincidentally, I have referred to this as the Young MC concert when thinking about it because I have enough trouble keeping what little street cred I have these days. Openly admitting you went to a Milli Vanilli concert usually doesn’t help the cause, does it not?)

I had kept a journal of sorts at my downtime from an old dead end job that I was at. Figured no time like the present to throw out the quick recap of the event…..like now:

When Davis and I got tickets for the show, we decided we were going to get four so we could get dates. We got pavilion seats which always helped when dealing with the fun and with getting said dates. Me and Davis also went over there to the Byers house over the summer (I was obviously harmless and seemed to get along with the parents) and thus figured ‘WTF’ in asking out the future Homecoming Queen of our class year to said show. The fact that she said ‘yes’ (which was probably a way to get out of the house for a weeknight) was overwhelming enough to have me in a pretty good mood. Still believe Davis was impressed on it. However Davis still needed a date the night of the deal. So even though I should have guessed what he was going to do, I just knew we were driving separately and meeting up at said show. I also knew I had a Hot Sonland Chick™ going to this with me and so I was in pretty good spirits.
As said before the evening started with me wearing the small Jimmy Z shirt, Nike windbreaker, Nike Air Bounds and Guess Jeans (size 30). I was in pretty good shape all things considering because I was now not the fat f— t two years prior. Like 60 plus pounds thinner. So that was a good thing. Better yet Trina looked GORGEOUS. Peach colored top, hair up, tan, shorts, black flats…..I can’t do it justice. This wasn’t happening two years prior or one year prior; hence things had kind of changed for the better in not dealing with the jacka–es of the first two Sonland™ years. They were non-issues; better yet they weren’t out with the future Homecoming Queen.
Was I going to become a full-fledged Son that night? Could I try to match the greatness of those who thought they were iconic because they knew someone who knew someone who knew someone that once drank a beer in Muncie? Knowing me, 99 percent towards ‘of course not.’ But for one special evening, my confidence was much improved.
Hence I go to the South Harbour division (IIRC house was on Elderberry Drive) and I’m nervous but cleaned up with a clean car and all that good s–t. (She had no problem being in said auto. As in willingly without screaming or spraying mace.) I actually got photos with her and hung out with her and her family for a little bit before taking her…because what happened was Jennie was there and I got a photo sitting by her on the couch (NOTE: it’s the one that’s listed on said Instagram posts) and then Trina came down the stairs looking FINE. As in FINE. As in DO NOT ADJUST YOUR COKE BOTTLE GLASSES YOU GOOFY DUMBF— BECAUSE THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE SEEN WITH YOU IN PUBLIC WITHOUT HAVING LOST A BET OR BEING RELATED TO YOU. I then got said photos taken for proof that I was in fact not dreaming this like a mid 80’s episode of Dallas (she actually smiled in one) and off we went.
Driving a girl who IMO was the best looking woman I had ever been around past or present was enough for me to be happy. I remember going straight to the show….and getting to walk around the pavilion with her…and then getting to sit right next to her. Little things like that. And she didn’t seem perturbed to be near me, so that was good. Nor did she ever attempt to get out of the not-so-epic 1977 Buick and run for the hills whenever the car was at a complete stop. Again, I was not used to this. Again, I just needed John Cusack to sub for Davis as my sidekick and I would in fact be living out an actual movie script. Or an NBC summer Movie of The Week like the one I once saw Alyssa Milano and Dick Butkus appear in. And yes, I remember things like that because it’s not like I regularly  went out on a lot of dates with attractive women for the first 17 years of my life.
So I get there…..during the show (say 45 minutes to an hour in) it has turned nightfall, it’s just me and Trina in these seats, and then Davis rolls in with a sheepish look and none other than Jennie is with him. More power on that. (I’m assuming she figured he’d ask and hence she was ready and primped up.) So it’s me..then Trina…then Jennie…then Davis. And I know that they got there either before or during the Young MC show because they both danced to ‘Bust a  Move.’ That’s a top memory. Of course it was.
We made it through the main event (which was comic) and then in the greatest of all ironies we’re in Pizza Hut (half crowded) for dinner and I realize that people are looking at me and Davis because we are in fact sitting with two attractive women who have not willingly decided to take a group restroom visit and then exit the premises. That’s one of those ‘yes, this happened’ deals. I assumed people were impressed or at least in ‘what are THEY doing with THEM?’ mode. If not, then I sure as #!$% was impressed. Enough said.
The sad thing may be that I don’t remember if I got a hug or even an acknowledgement of having proper hygiene for the evening when I dropped Trina off afterwards, but the good thing is that didn’t matter. We went out with hot chicks. THE hot chicks.

And thanks very much to Trina and Jennie both for being great.

Coincidentally that would not be the only Byers related concert for me that summer. Trust me in that I didn’t have any complaints about that.

Thanks to all who took the time to read my ramblings. Best of all special thanks and much love to Trina and Jennie both for being great.

Best wishes to all and God bless.

Jeff Fitzpatrick




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