7-17-16: Setup for the Next FitzThought

Good evening to any and all with many thanks for taking the time to look at this blog. Homework Wednesday, homework Thursday, and homework Friday…hence no blog posts. I simply couldn’t get myself to get motivated for any homework on Saturday. Too nice out. When it’s not 90 degrees in July then one needs to enjoy the day…..so of course I decide to try to watch the Cincinnati Reds play on Fox Sports Midwest. Wasn’t pretty. As in dudes were down 4-0 to Milwaukee after one inning…..and by the time I said ‘enough’ it was 9-0. (Eventual final: 9-1. Like the 2016 Reds season as a whole, didn’t miss much.) I assume there is a lot of alcoholic beverages being consumed in the Reds front office these days. If not, then I’m out of excuses for said front office. Unless Great American Ball Park is prospering in regular LSD usage, I’ve got nothing except that it’s a bad organization ran by people more suited for supervising the rides at Hanna Barbara Land over at the nearby Kings Island amusement park. Which in turn makes me think of the Sunday after senior prom because said Kings Island is where I ended up at…..which in turn reminds me that will be good material for a future blog post. Particularly where a 1984 Chevy Caprice served as a hotel of sorts for the ride home from that evening. Yeah, that’ll be a good story for later on….

….and speaking of Kings Island, that actually serves as a transition for random musings before finally focusing on the topic for post four. Bare with me for said musings:

  • almost forgot that I left out one nice detail from Post 2 about the dream double date me and Danny Davis had with the lovely Byers sisters……..when Trina and I arrived at the then Deer Creek Music Center pavilion, of course I was in the HOLY#$!% LOOK WHO I’M WITH mode as we roamed over to our seats. (We beat Davis and Jennie as they arrived in the midst of the opening act finishing up around dusk, and of course that act was so memorable that I forget who it was. Based off of a 1990 Chicago Tribune article from a show that took place a few days before the concert we went to, I’ll go with the R&B group Seduction. I included a photo of them on the top of said post, and admittedly they’re easy on the eyes. ) Oh, back to the point…if there is one time that I felt vindication for the years of being treated like s–t and bullied around by so-called peers and classmates due to not wearing size 29 jeans or riding a jet skis or apparently not giving them full throttle foot massages at a moment’s notice, it was sitting down next to the future Homecoming Queen of Noblesville High while looking down the row and seeing a nervous looking son sitting by himself smoking a cigarette and looking like he had just come off of a three day bender. That son was none other than a so-called “friend” (read: someone who was in my classes from 6th through 10th grades but treated me like a three legged animal to get over with a few individuals) by the name of Steve Bowser. After my description, if you said to yourself “with friends like that, who the f–k needs enemies?” then you’re damn right. Let’s just say when someone like Steve Bowser bullies you, then your life sucks. I looked at dude, said to myself “if this is the big man on campus, then the campus can s–k my (censored)” and laughed. Quite frankly all the work I had done to drop those 60 pounds was worth it with just that one fleeting moment. And once again, thank you always to Trina and Jennie for that great night.
  • I may babble now and then about the rental property I have because that tends to determine cash flow for me. Since I babbled earlier about watching a last place Reds team losing decisively on a Saturday night, you’re not surprised that I was $200 short on rent collections this month due to repairs and neither am I. Fortunately I can be resourceful and tend to not be reliant on the need to drop $50 per meal at local eateries. Hence shopping for the week was getting four 2-liters of Kroger approved soft drinks for $3. For those still reading, my favorite is the Dr. Pepper like “Dr. K” with not surprisingly “Diet Dr. K” following suit. And yes, for those still reading, I am so cheap that most Goodwill employees tend to recognize me when shopping.
  • The neighbors across the street have not yet decided to come home smashed and attempt to plant a tree. Yes, that’s happened before. I’ll just assume they really like showing off their forestry skills and leave it that.
  • By this time one week from now yours truly will be finished with a five page paper about the Canadian educational system. All Canadians have now been forewarned. Moral of the story: don’t go after your PhD unless you’ve got lots of money, free time and issues. As I’m single with no kids (yes, those I graduated will all say “THERE’S A REAL SURPRISE!”if they know that, but in fairness most of the people I graduated with wouldn’t know me from the Dalai Lama so no sleep gets lost) then I tend to have a lot of the last two categories. As for the first one…..no bankruptcies or evictions as of yet, so I’ll assume I’m doing okay there. Hint: it helps to stay out of the strip clubs. After all, their ATM fees tend to be pretty pricey.
  • May have some new job info in a few days. If so, will probably be posted here. Gotta be timely on current events.

Lastly, I figured out the topic for Post #4 thanks to a car trip back home from the previously mentioned local Kroger. One of the few things I splurge on is Sirius XM satellite radio because I generally dislike Indianapolis area radio )save for Indiana Pacers and Indiana University basketball broadcasts). So on the way home I’ve got the “90’s on 9” on as I’m traveling down semi-scenic Allisonville Road….and then the Roxette (remember them?) song “Dangerous” starts playing. Said song was in the Billboard Top 10 back in February 1990 according to Wikipedia. Won’t argue with that. But on topic…whenever I hear that song from the then-Swedish rock stars of my Sonland (high school) era, I always automatically think of another rock star of sorts from that era of my life as well. That star was a very, VERY popular female who was a year ahead of me there at Noblesville High….someone who ruled the Sonland and in turn could have been like the Bowser “boys” and his looked down on me.Instead she was the exact opposite.

Which is a good place to stop post #3 in order to start post #4.

Thanks to all for reading and God Bless as post #4 on the way soon…..

Jeff Fitzpatrick





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