7-25-16: The First Day in Westfield

Good evening to any and all who read this blog…I’m surprised myself that I am doing two posts in a row. Yet with the neighborhood playing a game of Dueling Lawnmowers and the decision to not do homework this evening (I’ll start tomorrow night for this week as I’ve got assignments due Wednesday and Friday) I figured  I would throw out a quick recap of the day’s events with random quick takes, so here goes in :

-first day of new gig was today. As title notes I went to Westfield (neighboring city of Sonland City USA, aka the hometown of Noblesville) and found that it will be nice to have a 30 minute round trip to and from a work location as opposed to the two hours I usually have dealt with during my adult lifetime here in semi-scenic central Indiana. Also better than the days five years ago when I was paying $4 a gallon for gas and working full time while going to school full time. As I ate lunch for a whopping $2 and change out of the vending machines (hint: I usually sleep like a rock so I’m not exactly one who enjoys mornings or getting motivated to get stuff prepared the previous night for said mornings) safe to say I will be saving a lot of money if this deal ends up being a good one. A rare case where the MBA is actually a plus on the job market.

-as of this post there are 183 Instagram followers to said Instagram account. One can tell I like pets, and one can also tell that pet pics have dominated the last few weeks of photos. Will need to follow up on yesterday’s promise with more retro stories as shown on the earlier posts. Tomorrow will be a good start as I already have the photo ready for that.

Local NFL franchise training camp around the corner. Same goes with the fantasy football draft for the MFLV2.0, or Morristown Football League Version 2.0. Hoping to actually win the title after two straight years of placing 2nd via losing the championship game. Word of advice: never play T.Y. Hilton when your fantasy football league title is on the line. Take my word for it. As for Hilton, hope he returns to his Pro Bowl form of 2014 as opposed to his Paris Hilton like form of 2015. The local NFLers need it in part due to his contract now being the equal of the GNP for Angola.

Reds playing a night game against the Giants this evening as part of a West Coast swing (not to be compared with the late 80s R&B hit “New Jack Swing” by Young Adams approved group of choice Wreckx and Effect). 

-I did not make it a priority to watch this Sunday’s NASCAR Brickyard 400 race on television much less consider attending it. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with said mindset. See below photo courtesy of the paper that once employed the majority of the current Indiana Pacers front office, the Indianapolis Star:

There were plenty of empty seats at the Brickyard 400

While the Indianapolis Motor Speedway doesn’t post official attendance figures, word is that attendance for a venue that can fit 300,000 was in fact around the 30,000 mark. While the NFL continues to be run by questionable decision making and the NBA continues to bilk ESPN and TNT out of huge money each year (after all, how else can one explain why any team not managed by his own mother would give ex-Pacer Solomon Hill a $13 million per year contract? Oh…alright, I’ll accept consuming mass quantities of alcohol as an alternative), NASCAR continues to rival New Coke of the early 80’s with its current marketing strategies. Not good for the Sons of Speedway at IMS.

-Finally winding down with this note: the Instagram bio talks about celebrating the 25th anniversary of going to senior prom with a Hot Sonland Chick (TM) so I know I need to get the diaries posted on what actually made led up to said prom and why it ended up being pretty important for me in both my near (90’s) and distant (post-90’s) future. To get the ball rolling, I ask for those who haven’t done so already to check out the 2nd blog post from earlier in the month as one of said two beautiful sisters are the highlight photo for said post this evening….plus tomorrow is an anniversary of sorts with them as well. If you want to see a goofy man wearing a DePauw University sweatshirt who should have-and was-grateful enough to be allowed in the same zip code as the blonde bombshell that he is pictured with, then tomorrow is in fact your lucky day. After all, I aim to please.

Oh…and a B plus on that paper last weekend. Considering I decided at 8:30 pm that I wasn’t going to write anymore on said paper and turning it in with just 10 sources instead of 12 to 15 sources, no tears shed. To quote someone I once worked with a decade and a half ago (who coincidentally had the facials of NBA all-time great Scottie Pippen), “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Advice well taken.

And the Reds await, because of course they do.

Thanks again to all who took the time to read this and God Bless.

Jeff Fitzpatrick



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