7-26-16: The 3rd Straight Day to Post

Greetings. This one will be quick as I wanted to keep my promise of posting a photo of a Dilton Doiley lookalike from Archie Comics. Photo is on the Instagram account post as well as tonight’s featured image. Beautiful blonde woman in photo is same one that was in yesterday’s photo, one @jennieb273. 

Shout out to lifelong friend from the Bluegrass State @funkjumper and the pride of North Elementary @chrisghelmuth for the likes.

Comedy of the day: getting a typed form for new parking permit at new gig, going up to the security test and being told it needs to be handwritten instead. Of course it does. Will see if I can get it delivered by carrier pigeon to suit their needs.

Goal of the week: after homework is complete the hope is to get more diary/memory posts out from the Sonland days and previous early Instagram diary posts. Will try to first take care of how I was able to overcome The Eight Sons and drop weight while gaining confidence. (If anyone wants to know where my Alfred E. Newman references came from, stay tuned to said Sons post…or go to the 1991 NHS Shadow and look at the senior class officers. Hint: Alfred E is NOT Liz Dellulo.) Then I need to take care of business via talking Dream Girls, Dick’s Class and last but not least The Prom Date. May even throw in my graduation night camping trip as well just for (to paraphrase said “Dream Girl”) “s–ts and giggles.”

To wrap it up, I apparently found last night I can copy and paste images on here. With that said pictures of my senior year comic lookalike and all around pimp of Riverdale High, the previously mentioned Dilton:

…..yep, sounds like the high school me alright: Always wanted to make sure that the dates would actually show up as opposed to being on the set of ‘Growing Pains’, picking up a sick relative from the airport or (in the best excuse I ever heard) washing their hair…in Botswana.

Main difference between me and Dilton (besides a foot in height and that cartoon vs. real life deal): Luckily I took someone’s advice and got rid of the Coke bottle glasses once college came around. See previous Instagram posts for who gave me that advice. (Hint 2: they’re mentioned in my Instagram bio.) Will make for a pretty good blog post when I finally get around to it.

For now, ending with second photo of said Dilton doing comedy:

Well, made me chuckle. Then again, my comedy standards are low as I once willingly watched the Pauly Shore movie Jury Duty on VHS. It was the 90’s, after all.

Best wishes to all who read these. Have a good remainder of the week and God bless.

Jeff Fitzpatrick





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