9-26-16:The First Post in Three Weeks

Hello to anyone and everyone who reads these. I am admittedly not too disciplined on writing here every day or every week like I was hoping to. No excuses on my part-basically what tends to happen is me getting up at 7 am, being at work 8 am to 5 pm, eating dinner and then doing homework or planning on when to do homework for upcoming school papers (with watching football in between). The result is the title of said blog post. Plan for now is to just note some random bits and pieces from the past three weeks and then look to finish this Senior Year of Sonland (aka Noblesville H.S.) series I started a few weeks back. So here goes on what’s been going on:

-enjoying the job. Earned productivity bonus last week. It is nice to go in and actually enjoy what I’m doing. Save for my night gig from earlier in the year when I’d sit by people who would reenact the bathroom scene from the 1987 semi-classic Mark Harmon/Kirstie Alley movie Summer School  (line of the movie: “The guy in the bathroom got a 91”) I have been much better professionally in the past several months in part because I actually like the work. Kind of important. Down the road I’ll be glad to mention mistakes I made when I was a lot younger after graduating from college number one, but for now safe to say I enjoy working near my hometown and not dealing with a two hour plus round trip or unneeded stress. Life’s too short to deal with that s–t.

As for said movie poster from said movie, of course I’ll post it:

One of those movies I did not mind renting from the local video store back in the day. Just let out a sigh remembering that I in fact DO remember video stores. Sonland City (aka Noblesville) had a few, plus the option of renting films at a couple of supermarkets. (Preference was the Kroger that sprouted up during the end of the Sonland High/beginning of college number one for me. For your additional trivia of the night, the defunct store that was in a plaza which currently houses a Donato’s and a laundromat is the last place I saw one nationally semi-renown fitness trainer Tracy Anderson (then Richardson) of @tracyandersonmethod fame. I’m sure that made a similar dent in her memory bank as well. And if you believe that, then you believe the Cleveland Browns are Super Bowl bound this year too.

TLDR: when you’re fat and 14 years old in late 80’s central Indiana, you rent a lot of movies. Helps when you have that extra pizza to eat. Not piece of pizza, pizza in full. Personal preference was you could get two small pizzas for $7 at the Little Caesar’s that was in the plaza that currently hosts the local Domino’s. Take it from me and my then 47 inch waist, that place got my business back in the day.

-as for school, currently have an A in the class with an 11 page paper completed a couple weeks ago….another 6 page paper completed this past Saturday….another 6-10 page paper due a week from tonight (college football will get cut out this weekend to get it done since I won’t be able to work on it more than 4-5 hours tops said Monday night)…and then after a semi-week off of just discussion board work it’s WRITE THAT FINAL PROJECT with a 12-15 page paper to conclude things. That might explain why I’m not writing much on this blog, but I already came clean in the first paragraph on lack of blog posting so those excuses are for naught.  Main thing to take out of said babble: I write a lot of papers. Which would lead to a reply of NO S–T from both my 14 year old and semi-middle aged self.

We’ll see if I can keep the A. Top comment of said paper writing: I get a lot of practice for writing the dissertation that will be coming sooner rather than later. Would be nice to have “PhD” to throw on some future applications…at the very least because it would achieve a goal I set and that’s the kind of $!$^# that one needs from time to time. Or at least it helps me out since I took over a decade off from school when I should have just gotten the $!^%$! over with to begin with back when the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Cowboys were both perennial championship contenders. (Lots of sports references today, as it sets up the next paragraph).

-Fall means fantasy football as well as watching college football and pro football when I am not writing papers on weekends. Currently fourth place out of ten in my league….there’s four undefeated teams (with me as one of them) and four teams that are without wins. I expect things to even out as it’s a competitive league….ten teams with best eight making the postseason and the tournament playing 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc. in first round with the semi-final winners looking to get $300 if they win the tournament. I’ve been runner-up the past two years, hence I haven’t won the $300. (Instead it’s $100 for runner-up). Will see if this is the year I break through. History says good luck with that, but I shall keep hope alive. And hope Cam Newton doesn’t have too many games like he did yesterday.

-the local NFL franchise has been a struggle to deal with. Lucky to have won yesterday to go to 1-2 instead of 0-3. Doing a job to the Detroit Lions to open the year up did no favors.

-as one of the few followers outside of the Bloomington area for Indiana University football, I struggled on Saturday and said “enough” at halftime. Wise decision as they lost 33-28 to Wake Forest. If you lose to Wake Forest, you’re not winning too many national titles. For your sidenote part deux, a previous Instagram post subject (hint: she’s been referenced a few times) attended said game. Considering the IU running game looked like they were running in cement shoes, they probably could have used her speed in the backfield. Figure she’d have SOME eligibility left. And it couldn’t get any worse because, well, it’s IU football. Expectations aren’t too great for a program that hasn’t been to the Rose Bowl since Lyndon B. Johnson was in the White House.

-getting big help by going Thursday nights and Sunday mornings to previously mentioned First Christian Church on Herriman Boulevard in the hometown. Helps me in realizing that I am not alone….and that’s something I need to remember day in and day out no matter what the situation may be. After taking over two decades off due to laziness and bad excuses, I feel better just typing about that. Not sure if anyone there can be suitable replacements for the current group of Colts linebackers and offensive linemen (at least with the chapel service) but then again I should not have world championship expectations to begin with when it comes to said Colts anyway. Need to remember the big picture…and not necessarily the one that sports the likes of Jon Gruden and Cris Collinsworth doing color commentary on NFL broadcasts.

-as always, I am in need of a haircut. Will need to break out the Supercuts coupons soon. Like as in two weeks ago. Which leads me to remember the one and only Frank Mitchell at the barber shop I used to go to with fraternity dudes back at college number one. Dude was a strong University of Kentucky hoops supporter as well as Lexington’s number one barber. Since dude had a plaque on the wall saying TO FRANK MITCHELL LEXINGTON’S NUMBER ONE BARBER we never argued the particulars with dude, we just got our hair cut. If I ever get the green light to make a movie based on my time at college number one, I believe Frank’s place will in fact, yes, make the cut. (Too easy to pass up.)

-to end things up, with a week off from classes next month the plan will be to get things revved up and start selling again on eBay. If there’s a time to do it, it’s holiday time. That helped finance my first semester of Ivy Tech when I went back to school a few years ago, so there are positives with that. And with PhD programs being JUST a bit more expensive than community college, yours truly will need to get motivated and do a better job then what I’ve been doing on said blog writing. Hope to meet the challenge.

With it being 9:37 pm, good place to stop as not surprisingly I’m worried about Falcons-Saints on ESPN -my fantasy football game is on the line thanks to one Mark Ingram being in the lineup for said Saints. Not often I root for said team that beat the Colts to win the Super Bowl a few years ago, but I make an exception tonight. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks to any and all for reading as I hope to get back to the senior year series sooner rather than later. Best wishes to all for a good week.






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