10-9-16: Same Photo, Different Month: The First Post in October

Again hello to anyone and everyone who reads these via the link on my Instagram account or via cyberspace. If the local NFL team struggles today like they usually do this 2016 NFL season, then I may write another post before the day ends. School is the number one excuse (more on that in a moment) but basically instead of writing on here every night about what went on with me in handling senior year of Sonland High (aka Noblesville High School) or my first college or other life and times yours truly will have writer’s block in saying “I don’t want to write tonight on this…maybe tomorrow” and tomorrow becomes two weeks and maybe even three or four. At least the Instagram account gets updated regularly-quite frankly it is one of my favorite hobbies and has helped me during a time that I do not want to turn on the TV to see local stations talk about stuff I don’t want to deal with or hear about. Happens to many of us in my view-we want to stay positive and thus want to stay away from quote on quote negative s–t. And ironically enough my soon to be next Sonland related writing topic-my government class senior year-had one individual who I associate with negativity to this day that in turn makes me say ME NO WANT WRITE SO DO SOMETHING ELSE. Which in turn leads to THAT TWELVE PAGE PAPER BE SOMETHING ELSE and there you go.

TLDR: you write a lot of papers as a PhD student and in turn you may not want to do much writing elsewhere. Which leads to longer bits between blog posts.

To get a few thoughts out of the way quick takes on what’s been going on as of late:

-still have an A in current class.Current class has a 12 to 15 page paper due this Saturday at 5 pm. You now know what I will be doing most of this week.

-should he ever read his name on said cyberspace a shout out to Dr. Joe Forgey, my childhood dentist and fellow member of First Christian Church here in said hometown.  He and I usually attend the 8 am chapel service, and I admittedly usually after that do not do as many church related activities after said service like I should. Today was an exception. As I was leaving Dr. Forgey noted the CMF’s Men’s Breakfast (aka older dudes cooking food to eat in Fellowship Hall) was going on. I in turn went, dropped an extra dollar for contribution for said food and ate said breakfast while talking Colts football and Butler basketball. Dr. Forgey has been there as a positive influence through both thick and thin of my entire life. Hence I note him now as someone that deserves recognition because it is individuals like him that more than make up for the actions of individuals like I have previously wrote about in the past. (Go down to the August posts with the picture of me in a 1990 ski sweater and teal lighting background for more. Rest will probably be self-explanatory.)

Bottom line- good way to start the week. And he knows his college basketball.

-as for said local NFL franchise, I am going to give them a shot via watching NFL RedZone this afternoon and hoping they can actually win another regular season game this year. In the past twenty regular season games they’ve lost more than they won (9 wins and 11 losses via a record of 8-8 in 2015 and a current record of 1-3 in this subpar season).  Usually you see a lot of this in the current season…..

…and hence you have a record of 1-3.

You also get people who seemingly contribute more on Facebook than they do on the field. Witness the example of one of Colt general manager Ryan Grigson‘s main sons from Philly, one Trent Cole. Cole was brought in last year to be the pass rushing icon in the 3-4 (three linemen, four linebackers) defensive scheme that head coach Chuck Pagano got down with when strutting down the sidelines with the media beloved Baltimore Ravens. Well, if your team is 1-3, loses to the usually not-too-good Jacksonville Jaguars twice in a row (they got blown out at Jacksonville last season) and has one of the worst defenses in the NFL every single year, eventually even our local sports talk show hosts who like to lecture about helping homeless individuals in Las Vegas more than critique actual pro sports team ineptness  will have to say WHY WE NO WIN? WHERE PEYTON? WHERE MARVIN? NO WIN SUPER BOWL? as they see that it will be yet another year without winning the followup Super Bowl title many (myself included) expected to happen after the Colts actually won said Super Bowl in February 2007. Cole’s main job is to gain quarterback sacks while helping said team win games to actually think about making said Super Bowl. As of now said Cole has as many quarterback sacks as the not-so-athletic keyboard warrior who is typing this very sentence. Combine that with three sacks for all of 2015…..no, this is not one of Grigson’s better moves. And coincidentally you saw that losing record earlier that has been gathered since the team decided to build their defense around Cole and the now not too effective Robert Mathis.

Where am I going with this? Read on. Also be happy I have just scratched the surface towards how badly this Colts team has been ran in the past year and a half.

Former Colts receiver and Super Bowl winner Reggie Wayne was asked candidly a few days ago on the NFL Network about what the f— was wrong with said Colts. Wayne answered the question as such (credit to Yahoo Sports):

“I honestly think Andrew Luck is playing pretty good despite some of the O-line woes that they’re having. A lot of people are wanting to criticize Andrew Luck instead of what I think the big problem is,” Wayne said. “I think that big problem is a lot of their front-office decisions. It’s draft picks, or it’s free agent pickups. They’ve missed on a lot of guys.”

The former wideout went on to list players the Colts have missed on, such as LaRon Landry and Arthur Jones. He also mentioned Trent Cole, who Wayne says “hasn’t given [the Colts] anything.” Adding overall, “They’ve used their money to get guys who didn’t do anything.”

So what did dude with as many quarterback sacks as my Aunt Marlene say? See response via (because it is 2016 after all) Facebook:

I don’t respond to media, but I can’t stand people who think they know what’s going on like he is in the building amongst us, playing beside me and know what some players going through. Put your drink down, quit smoking cigars, watch the damn game and look at playing time of different players and stats! The film don’t lie. So don’t use my name ever again because if you do, these things you will take back them words of time I was playing.

I stay in my lane, because I’m here for my team. This goes for everybody and certainly Reggie Wayne. Reggie I have all respect for you, you will always be a Colt for life. I know you are mad about what you are seeing, but this is not the way to talk about the team who gave you opportunity!

For time’s sake (and my own sanity) I’m going to leave it at this:

You are a losing team right now. You have lost consistently since said team decided they were going to build and coach their weakest team aspect-pass rushing and pressuring the quarterback-around you. In these past two seasons you have three more sacks that former President William Howard Taft. Said Taft has been dead for 86 years now. And now that you are on injured reserve with a back issue, you probably aren’t going to increase on that amount anytime soon. In fact most of the time fans of what you call “my team” usually don’t remember you’re on “my team” because you’re not out there too much to begin with. Hence (word of the day) not to sure if social media sniping is going to work here.

Just my two cents. And for what it’s worth, said Cole was two years old when I went to see what he referenced as “my team” win their first regular season game in said new location of what he referenced as “my team” (see older posts for that info-look for a Tara Walczak reference beforehand).

For Cole’s sake…and his man Grigson’s…and Pagano’s….and everyone involved with said Colts organizations, let us hope that Cole’s sons, or as he calls them “my team” actually wins today when they host the Chicago Bears at home. If they lose that one, safe to assume that Cole won’t be participating in any postseason games as a Colt come January and/or February. As for Grigson and Pagano, well, should a 1-4 start and mediocre to s–t play since upsetting Denver in the playoffs a couple seasons ago merit that it’s in fact time for personnel changes….that’s up to the team ownership led by one Jim Irsay to decide. We as fans can only speculate and then hope for the best. Which probably is not a 1-4 record unless you like having a top five pick in the NFL draft every spring, but that’s a probably good point to stop before any Robert Montgomery Knight circa 1985 antics take place in the household. And yes, I tend to struggle when I watch bad football…yet I am a dumb— and watch it anyway (witness me watching Cardinals-49ers till the end of the game this past Thursday) so best to leave it at that.

In fact, it’s probably a good place to wrap up as kickoff is an hour from now. Thanks to any and all who read these as we see if Andrew Luck can stay out of a body bag for at least one more week.




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