11-30-16: The Last Post in November

Good evening from Central Indiana.  I am in the midst of taking care of some homework for class because I have software that will soon expire (free 14 day trial) and quite frankly I am not wanting to pay $1700.00 (you read that right-and thanks very much if you’re reading in the first place) when I have found out that this class will NOT transfer to any and all new schools I am looking to go to. (That’s another story in itself, but it’s the holidays and goodwill to all and all of that stuff so no other negative class talk for now besides noting the class gives me a headache just thinking about it and is as useful as a one legged man in an a– kicking contest.). Hence some random takes to end the month as I go at a snail’s pace towards describing how that senior year of high school at the Sonland took place:

-getting the sports stuff out of the way……did not even bother to watch the local NFL franchise lose 28-7 on Thanksgiving night to Pittsburgh because once I heard that quarterback Andrew Luck suffered a concussion during the previous game against former media mainstays the Tennessee Titans…..I said ‘well, there’s a loss.’ Also hurt the fantasy football team as Frank Gore could not score multiple times from the one yard line and thus the local NFL team did more than shoot themselves in the foot in the process. That’s more like amputating both legs and then setting the rest of the torso on fire for the f— of it.

The play that apparently put the local quarterback on the sideline came via none other than a man named Austin Hunter Johnson. IIRC Luck’s head bounced off the turf off of this hit:

Research shows I have seen this Big Johnson get down with another media favorite for his college ball as he played at Penn State. That didn’t help the mood much. Simply put I’d like to see the Colts do well but this lack of having even a mediocre professional football offensive line unit is the equal of throwing money into a furnace each and every week. If they lose this Monday night to the J-E-T-S on national television, it won’t be the first time-nor probably the last-that an Indianapolis area sports team has s–t the bed in front of a large audience. I hope for the best, but with this group it’s probably going to be a record of 8-8 and being out of the playoffs. Not sure if that merits another year of The Big Grig Ryan Grigson and Ground Chuck Pagano, but again not my call to make. That goes to owner Diamond Jim Irsay.  Your move, Diamond Jim.

-the local NBA team (getting beat by 17 points against Portland as this sentence is being typed) also aren’t dominating the pro sports landscape these days. Al Jefferson has shown some signs of life in recent days and no longer is playing like Thomas Jefferson (dead) or favorite TV sitcom character George Jefferson (also dead-RIP Sherman Hemsley). In tribute to the great dry cleaner of the NYC, here he is in full effect:

That made my day. Also props to the late Franklin Cover in the background as he takes care of business. Better dance performances than the one yours truly had at senior prom with (obligatory mention) The Prom Date. Then again, you’re not shocked to read that.

(Also obligatory Lenny Kravitz mention due to said GIF. )

-Previous posts have shown I usually do not see Indiana University do too well at football. As in winning four games out of twelve is a ‘good’ season for that program..and that makes winning six games in a season the equal of winning the national championship. So IU beating Purdue 26-24 to keep the Old Oaken Bucket for a fourth straight year…..that wasn’t something I was going to expect in my lifetime given that IU football usually performs like the 1996 Robert Dole presidential campaign. So since they won the game and ended up with a 6-6 record….congrats to them with another obligatory photo here:

Bet they didn’t have to hit the dorm to do six to eight hours of SPSS related homework. And if they did, I feel their pain. Better yet, I feel the need to pour some booze in said Bucket for them to throw down. Better yet, I feel the need for ME to pour some booze because SPSS homework is….I’ll stop there. After all young minds may actually read this someday when bored. REALLY bored.

Still have no idea what bowl game IU is going to, but I have a feeling I’m going to make the time to watch it. Not like my social calendar would have too many conflicts. Which could lead you to ask “WHAT social calendar”….and me not having much of a comeback. Good point to end that IU football take as I wish them good luck in whatever mid-major bowl game they get to roam to in the next few weeks.

-to end it because I still have to type a page and then try to run a computer program for said class that will not transfer, a quick take for those wondering about going back to school once they’ve reached non-traditional (read: older than 21) college age: get ready for nights where you ask yourself WHY IN THE F— AM I DOING THIS? like the one I am having now unless you can develop something in the form of study habits.Also…if you are taking a class you seriously dislike (such as the one I’m currently taking which is the equal of crossing calculus with computer science and has no redeeming qualities towards my career goals except that it’s in a doctoral program) it will be even tougher to settle down and concentrate to get stuff done…especially if working a full-time gig. That is where if I have anything to toot my own horn about it’s I’ve been able to make it thus far due to the ability to say f— it and match up what I used to do in undergrad: put in nights without sleep to get homework done or to study for exams. My MBA classes included some with old school blue books where you got a few questions and got to turn in long handwritten essays. That meant knowing the s–t frontwards and backwards and cramming to know what marketing principles mattered and what accounting principles didn’t. It also meant rewriting an entire 16 page paper for a group project after the Colts-Broncos Sunday night game in 2013 as one person sent a bunch of graphs (problem: dude was supposed to send WRITTEN ANALYSIS ON THE DAMN GRAPHS) and another dude did, well, not a damn thing. (The third person wrote their few pages, I wrote mine, and therefore I got to write three out of four people’s work. Needless to say, I was fortunate enough to not pass out the next day at work.)

IOW….if you’re going to make a commitment, you have to make the time for that commitment one way or another. Hoping one day it eventually pays off. If not, well I’ll at least have a few diplomas to hang on the walls once I actually learn how to decorate by doing more than just putting John Belushi posters on the bedroom wall. And yes, you knew what Belushi poster I was referencing:

Also not shocking: I have the sweatshirt as well. At least I’m consistent.

Thanks to those for reading as we get ready to attempt to finish this homework. Wish me luck-I’ll need it. And wish the Colts Luck stays healthy-I’d recommend it if they want to actually make a Super Bowl before the next space shuttle launching.




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