12-31-16: First Year Blogging Finale: The Last Post of December and 2016

Another year, another losing record for Indiana football. 

Aloha in the midst of another weekend morning in Central Indiana. Originally the plan was to work a few hours but those plans changed and hence I got to sleep in on a Saturday. Enjoyed it as only a cheap individual like myself would: sleep without the heat on to save money (just means more blankets and I handle it find), use a coupon to get the morning meal and drink a 59 cent two liter of Diet Dr K soda from the local Kroger before getting ready to do some laundry. And while this probably won’t be a 3,000 plus word post (EDIT: OF COURSE I WAS OFF BY 2,000 OR SO), I can at least say I posted one last time before this year concluded. So here I am.

Found when reading through previous posts that I tend to talk way too much about the same s–t (example: I am not afraid to tell everyone that I predicted a record of 8-8 for the Indianapolis Colts in this current NFL season, and I’m a Colts win away from that taking place if they beat Jacksonville tomorrow) so I’ll just throw out some random thoughts here while thanking any and all who take the time out of their day to read these:

-to get Colts news and thoughts out of the way, one of owner Diamond Jim Irsay’s main men will be calling it quits after this weekend: the former Pro Bowler and local offseason softball stalwart Robert Mathis.  Your news update from NFL.com:


And photo of said Mathis making announcement:

End of an era for Number 98. Hope his salary cap space is used wisely.

Mixed emotions on this. As the local Indianapolis media is serenading the man as the equal of Hank Williams Senior at the Grand Ole Opry in post World War II times, nonetheless the last three seasons of Mathismania running lukewarm has killed any chance of the team’s defense being even close to mediocre because it has been built specifically for him to be the third down pass rushing specialist that takes out quarterbacks by his lonesome. This has been one of the big flaws of Diamond Jim Irsay and Colts coach/catchphrase provider Ground Chuck Pagano in part because Mathis tapped the proverbial keg with one of the all time great Colt defensive seasons in history back in 2013…and then promptly went into the tank. Per our boys at NFL.com and my horrible copy and paste skills, the numbers:

Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2016 Indianapolis Colts 13 11 17 12 5 4.0 0 0 0.0 2
2015 Indianapolis Colts 15 10 20 15 5 7.0 0 0 0.0 1
2013 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 59 44 15 19.5 1 1 0.0

Summary: Dude in 2013 had 19.5 quarterback sacks and 59 overall tackles. Dude then took 2014 off due to suspension (got popped on a wellness violation policy for using PEDs) and injury (torn Achilles while training to comeback from said suspension). Hence no idea if he could have made a difference or not since the Colts jobbed to New England in the AFC title game that year, yet expectations were he’d get the job done and help the Colts stay contenders while he came back to wrap up his career as one of the team’s highest paid players (the folks at spotrac.com list Mathis as costing the team’s salary cap nearly $12.5 million for his efforts in 2015 and 2016.) If one can’t read my s—-y table, then I’ll list those numbers: He’s made 37 tackles and had 11 quarterback sacks in two years. Coincidentally he plays the position that the Colts are arguably the worst at when it comes to defense (linebacker) and more coincidentally the team has gone into the tank as he and general manager“Big Grig” Ryan Grigson’s gent from Philly Trent Cole have not produced from said linebacker position. While I expect Mathis to get his lecture time tomorrow and a spot on the team’s Ring of Honor in Lucas Oil Stadium in the near future, as of now I will be polite and just conclude that it will be an opportunity for the Colts to make the upgrade that they need while being able to factor out the organization’s apparent belief that the 2016 Mathis is the best defensive player in professional football. Loyalty will not be a factor anymore for Diamond Jim and the gang; now the team can make the needed move to replace both Mathis and Cole (not under contract for next year) so they can hopefully wheel out a defensive unit that does not stink like week old carp (courtesy of ESPNer Tony Kornheiser) year after year after year.

Colts related conclusion: I actually remember where I was at when I first got some in-depth lecturing about this man called Mathis.  It was a Friday evening in the middle of 2003 as I was on my way to a function of some sort in scenic Westfield via State Road 32…as I had passed through the twin metropolises of Eagletown and Jolietville I had the radio on in the 1997 Ford Taurus listening to Colts radio play by play guru Bob Lamey go over the team’s 2003 draft picks and noting that this then young Mathis (drafted in the fifth round of the college draft from Alabama A&M) was someone to keep an eye on as the team looked to find another pass rushing stud to complement then emerging icon Dwight Freeney. To his credit, at one time he was a big part of the team winning the World title some ten years ago. However to the organization’s non-credit, they continued to think it was 2006 and in recent years their handling of Mathis has combined with Mathis’s subpar play to be more of a negative than a positive (unless playing for .500 in the AFC South Division is your ideal of iconic football.) Nevertheless I’ll do the obvious and note that he had a pretty good career for a fifth round draft pick. Now we can only hope that the current Colts organization will find a way to find someone who can even come halfway close to his 2013 season performance in the near future. Should Big Grig and Ground Chuck still be calling the shots, take two guesses towards whether I think that will happen anytime soon.

As for other non-local NFL team related matters until I post again…..

-saw Indiana University’s football team again blow a chance to win a close game against a quality opponent by jobbing to the Utah Utes (ranked No. 19 in most national college football polls) 26-24 on Wednesday night. Since I last mentioned the Hoosier football program on this blog they have been the recipients of a new coach (defensive coordinator Tom Allen replacing the now departed Kevin Wilson) along with mediocre quarterback play (Wilson approved starter Richard Lagow has not been All-American material) and field goal kicking (more on kicker Griffen Oakes in a moment). Lagow had a day where he completed just 15 of 40 passes overall (at one time in the game he was 10 for 30.…which is not favorable for most programs that would like to win games) but with a chance to get the job done and make Utah have to score a touchdown to win said game, I’ll let bleacherreport.com do the honors with their recap:

It was a grand finale for senior running back Joe Williams, who set the Foster Farms Bowl record with 222 rushing yards in Utah’s 26-24 victory over Indiana. Williams fumbled in Indiana territory with 9:06 left to play, but he redeemed himself with 64 yards on Utah’s final drive that led to Andy Phillips’ game-winning 27-yard field goal with 1:24 remaining.

Indiana got the ball back and made things interesting, but Utah’s defense sealed the deal in the closing seconds for head coach Kyle Whittingham’s third-straight bowl win. Turnovers were the storyline of the game, and Utah found a way to survive despite giving the ball away four times, including two fumbles in the second half.

Indiana had a chance to stretch the lead to 27-23 with 5:34 remaining, but Griffin Oakes missed a 40-yard field goal that gave Utah a chance to win it with a field goal of its own. The Hoosiers picked up 22 first downs on 341 yards of total offense, but the three turnovers were costly.

That son Oakes, incidentally, was an individual who often had me say ‘you’d better score a touchdown because he’ll probably miss the field goal’ when watching games this season. In an era where 13 for 17 accuracy is considered bad, Oakes came into this bowl game 15 for 24 and promptly left the game with a 16 for 26 mark.  The Old Oakes went 0 for 3 (two being blocked) as the team barely beat Rutgers 33-27 earlier in the year to get one of those six wins needed to be bowl eligible in the first place. Had the Hoosiers lost to said Rutgers, yours truly would not be surprised to see fingers being pointed at this Oakes because yours truly would be one of those pointing said fingers. A big decline for a dude who was voted to the All-Big 10 team JUST ONE SEASON BEFORE. Safe to say I don’t see him making an NFL roster anytime soon. And if Allen wants to get the Hoosier football team to be better than 6-7 next year, I suggest he find a way to recruit someone who give a better performance than what this Oakes offered in 2016.

Whether Allen can do that will be something to watch in the future. And as one of only two dozen or so people who seemingly follow Indiana football outside the Monroe County area, you can assume correctly that I’ll be one of said dudes watching.

As for this Williams fellow that was mentioned earlier, Indiana got to see him strut his stuff as seen here…(should it not be showing, dude goes through the IU defense like Ex-Lax on the average bowel system)…..

….and hence Indiana loses another bowl game. Then again I was going to be ecstatic with back to back bowl appearances, so I was not surprised to see them lose. After all, I’ve been watching them lose for a good 25 years since their last bowl game victory in December 1991. And yes, that was a long $!^%^@ time ago.

Good luck to Coach Allen. He’ll need it.

-I still haven’t finished up talking about senior year at the Sonland (aka Noblesville High) like I keep referencing that I will, so here’s a quick tidbit: I start the year on said yearbook staff (see the 10/27/16 post) expecting to write sports stories. There would be 23 sports stories overall in said 1991 Noblesville High School Shadow yearbook (not surprisingly, I just counted because what else would I do on a New Year’s Eve?) and since I assumed that the stories would be split between myself, Mike Van Dolah and sports editor Robin Shambora then I figured “I’ll write seven or eight stories and that will be what I’ll do for the year.” You damn well know that wasn’t the case because all the editors (aka the previously mentioned “Senior Coolies” consisting of Shambora and the four other holdover females from the previous year’s staff) were going to write what they wanted and when they wanted to write it. Hence yours truly got assigned to four. Those four included girls’ swimming and girls’ golf. On the plus side, I got to write the story for the school cheerleading team. When it came to that, I wasn’t going to complain. Not coincidentally, it was one of the largest articles in the sports section. Safe to say I got a lot of material as for trivia purposes it was the only time all year I communicated with the future Mrs. Marc Maloy, one Niki Shoemaker. I’m sure she was thrilled.

In celebration of said article, your post photo will include the 1990-91 NHS junior varsity cheerleading squad (aka the “Dream Team” to me because, well, it’s not like I was going to the library and reading calculus books or thinking about stock portfolios as a high school senior..instead I daydreamed about good looking women or as I called them Hot Sonland Chicks for said Sonland or Noblesville High). And since I’m on a roll and don’t want to talk politics or school or the continued s—-y play of the Indiana Pacers (much less yearbook), this is a good topic to end this post with as well as the year in itself.

Your 1990-91 Noblesville High School junior varsity cheerleaders. Pictured in front: Jenny Flaugher, Amy Malott, and Keri Caswell. Pictured in back: Meredith Prystas, sponsor Mrs. Pam Saxhaug, and Jenny Story. Not pictured: current fitness guru to the stars Tracy Richardson (now known as Tracy Anderson of @tracyandersonmethod fame. Photo courtesy of classmates.com and the 1991 NHS Shadow

Out of said five pictured (BTW…not pictured is the current star of fitness fanatics from coast to coast, the then Tracy Richardson and now Tracy Anderson of @tracyandersonmethod fame…..I knew of one- Amy Malott– since the days I played Noblesville Junior League baseball with her brothers (the one brother who was my school year was the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor sneaker favoring former Sonland wrestling icon Mark Malott) but rarely talked to her. So you’ll get four quick bios and memories on the others, including a pretty funny incident that was actually one of the top 10 highlights of my life before I went to college:

Meredith Prystas (blonde standing in back row) was a sophomore class officer who I have two main memories on….

…One is that when I was in student government (see previous posts where I was student body treasurer, which had all the political power and authority of being the dude who picks up your garbage at the Park 100 business complex in Indy…..which coincidentally was my summer job before going to college so no irony there) we would have these meetings where we would be in the Sonland Auditorium and everyone would be sitting except said student body officers (me and the before mentioned Erika Bayh (Petrilli), Suzanne Bailey (Scott) and Erin Bobel (Cox). Since no one gave two s–ts about what the treasurer had to say, I would just stand there and try to stay awake on my feet. In order to stay awake on my feet, yours truly would usually say to myself ‘self, pick out a hot chick from the audience and don’t be too obvious that you’re staring at said hot chick.’ More often Prystas was said ‘hot chick’ that was selected. No complaints there. Kept me awake, hence mission accomplished. I figured she probably had no idea who the f— I was, but then again she would not have been alone in that department so it wasn’t like I was going to initiate many conversations. (For an added tidbit, in previous posts I had mentioned a weekend late night after a hoops game where me and Young Adams drove a less than 100 percent hoops player that wasn’t really thankful for the ride, perhaps because dude was inebriated at the time. Dude dated Prystas off and on that year. Dude cracked me and Young Adams up that evening, and in 1991 Sonland City (Noblesville) that was more than enough for entertainment value when you’re sailing your 1977 Buick after curfew hours. So I usually think of said incident when I think about Prystas…..or Young Adams. Though we’re giving the nod to Prystas since I used to go GOLLYGEEHESHOREIZPURTY if I thought about her. Now back on topic..)..

…oh yeah, the other memory: before I went off to said college number one (Transylvania University) in the fall of 1991, I somehow got invited to a party at said Richardson’s that had the cream of the proverbial crop of all Hot Sonland Chicks from said Richardson and Prystas’s school year (two years younger than me) there at said party. One of those COMESIGNYEARBOOK deals. In one of those deals where you ask yourself HOW THE F— DID THIS HAPPEN? all of a sudden I end up in Richardson’s bedroom with Richardson, seven other Hot Sonland Chicks …..and it’s just me with them for signing yearbooks. As of that moment it was the equal of being in heaven because I still remember that as being a highlight of my youth because as it’s been well established it wasn’t like I was out partying with supermodels every night. As far as I was concerned everyone of those women in there (including Richardson, Catherine Purdy and Elizabeth Robinson) were supermodels. Oh, and Prystas. In what was probably the only time I actually interacted with her past, present and future she signed my yearbook. Like I said, supermodel autograph. Fortunately I didn’t drool on myself too badly but again that was a highlight as well as a good memory. Considering I didn’t have too many good memories about the place I called Sonland City (see previous posts) that was important with college on the horizon.

Yeah, I probably need to talk about the other three, so here goes:

Jenny Story (brunette beauty standing in back row and for trivia purposes currently related to former Colts head coach Rick Venturi)  actually went to the same elementary school (North Elementary, which for obligatory purposes is of course also the alma mater of The Prom Date) that I did. Why in the blue hell do I remember that? Because in fifth grade our class was summoned to go see Story’s class put on their version of the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ video with Story playing the female lead by starring as Ola Ray. I tend to remember such things that stand out from the grind of waiting to get home and watch the real like Jackson and his 80’s stars rock out ‘World Premier Videos’ on MTV back in their inception days when they actually showed music videos. And so if I heard the name ‘Jenny Story’ I usually think about that performance more often than not. Like this past paragraph….

…which means I need to get to the point. So I shall.

I didn’t see said Story for a few years until my junior year (her frosh year) at the Sonland. Then next thing I know I see a good looking brunette girl wearing a frosh cheerleading uniform and put two and two together. Ola Ray had grown up. And grown up she had. But as mentioned previously at the start of my junior year I was still in ‘lose weight and make it through the day without being carted out to the authorities’ mindset. So it wasn’t like I was going to talk to her or anything like that.

Ironically, courtesy of previous posts and my spring class schedule, I actually would.

As mentioned before my U.S. History class taught by Big Jim Sparks led to Sparks saying ‘you’re going to be a basketball statistician’ and me doing such. Which meant me actually talking to people I had classes and been basketball manager with some two years prior….including those I had not seen much of since we got to the Sonland because I had been in classes with jackasses like The Eight Sons that I had also babbled about in previous posts who had made me want to do the Nestea Plunge into an empty swimming pool. Out with talking to those Sons, in with talking to basketball people who were not jackasses. One of said people was varsity hoops player and also former fellow North alum Jason Sarber (@jason_sarber). And for your connection, he dated Story. Which I found out first hand because Sarber (along with Tony Etchison) were in the same marketing class as me spring of junior year and hence I got to hear (pun intended) Story(s) of the trials and tribulations that come with varsity hoops players dating cheerleaders and popular girls. Not like I complained as I enjoyed the entertainment and would routinely ask Sarber how “the wife” was doing. He seemed to be entertained that I was entertained, so there was that. And ironically enough I ended up actually talking to Story as a result. (She signed both my junior and senior yearbooks. Two supermodel signatures as far as I was concerned.) And even more so she did not seem repulsed. Which meant a lot.

Apparently her parents remembered who I was too (they called me by my first name, as 98 percent of people called me by the first four letters of my last name or other assorted four letter words) so I remember talking to them a lot at basketball games when said games were not going on for stats to keep. I also had the honor one time of riding in the same car as Story and Paul Schneider (the Schneider connection will be coming up on the last cheerleader profiled as said car ride came in said cheerleader’s neighborhood) and that basically made my month because, well, Jenny Story.  And in what was probably the one thing I remember the most (besides what I’ll mention at the end) I got an invite to Story’s 16th birthday party the summer before going off to scenic college number one. So of course I can give a quick play by play: it’s a summer weeknight and me and Young Adams take the 1988 Cavalier that had replaced the 1977 Buick up to the Wellington subdivision….and there’s a s–tload of people there. I figured Story wouldn’t have the time to talk or acknowledge me because there was a who’s who of modern day Sonland warriors making their presence felt in attendance, so not surprisingly since I was apparently the oldest Sonlander/Sonland alum there I remember talking to her parents for a good while as Young Adams did the Young Adams thing and talked to all inanimate objects in the area. Then I actually got the chance to talk to said Story…who gave me a hug and seemed thankful that I was there to the point where she didn’t pay attention to anyone else for at least a couple of minutes. That meant a lot then. It still means a lot now. Which is why I always have and always ranked her as a first class individual as well as a first class beauty. (I’ll admit I was wrong on my prediction that she would marry Sarber, but then again I was wrong about the XFL lasting more than one season so I probably shouldn’t be shocked.)

Yep, I’ve wrote over 3,500 words. Not bad for this year’s final blog entry. Two more Hot Sonland Chicks to discuss……

Jenny Flaugher (beautiful blonde kneeling in front of Prystas who currently goes under the last name Meier) was also someone I never dealt with at all until the summer of 1990. You knew the name, you heard the name (she was considered by most dudes to be the best looking girl in her class) but it wasn’t like I was ever going to talk to her. The closest that I would have been to interacting with her before said summer actually comes from none other than your 1990 Sonland yearbook. Non-seniors get thrown together for photos- you’ll see then 5-10, 165-170 pound me sporting a JCPenney approved sweater that no one else at the Sonland had (hence why I wore it) to the left of this gorgeous blonde girl who definitely didn’t look like your average freshman year photo. Said gorgeous blonde girl of course was Flaugher. Guess who I looked at whenever I turned to said page.

Now going into said senior year I never thought that I would ever talk to said Flaugher. Thanks to one car trip in the 1977 Buick, I was wrong. And I would in turn be in HOLY S–T I JUST TALKED TO JENNY F’N FLAUGHER mode as a result.

One summer weekday in July before senior year where I did not have to actually be at work unloading trucks and stocking shelves at the Castleton Square area Shoe Carnival, the cheerleader who will be profiled next (and last) did not get nauseous when I called her house to see what was going on. Because I was a way out of the house since I had a car-even though it was a houseboat in the realm of a 1977 Buick- I got the honor to take said cheerleader and Hot Sonland Chick to said Castleton Square Mall to roam the mall for something to do. I was then told that we were going to said Wellington subdivision to pick someone up. Fine with me. Even better was when we get to said Wellington subdivision house, out comes a Hot Sonland Chick with big blonde hair sporting a t-shirt and workout pants to go along with one of the biggest purses I have ever seen (as in if I said anything I probably would have been knocked out via one swing of said purse).  Said girl willingly got into said large back seat of said 1977 Buick and began talking to her fellow cheerleader. I simply tried to keep both eyes on the road as I played the part of Morgan Freeman to said Wellington based hot blonde cheerleader’s Jessica Tandy. Didn’t drool too much that time, but it was damn hard not to as said cheerleader was none other than Jenny Flaugher. And you’re not surprised I remembered Driving Miss Flaugher because, well, she was that beautiful where she was going to stand out no matter the size of the purse or if she was rocking workout clothes.

I soon eventually figured out that Flaugher, Story and soon to be profiled cheerleader were all best friends so if I visited the other cheerleader then there was a chance I would see or talk to the other two. No issues there. And I of course knew due to having four eyes courtesy of the Coke bottle glasses I was sporting that Flaugher dated Sonland football star and IMO best overall athlete in my school class Chris Ehrgott. Ehrgott was always nice to me going back to the days of eighth grade where he was starting ‘B’ team quarterback and I had the honor of being starting ‘B’ team center in part because 1) I was the fattest person on the team so center was the natural position to play and 2) I was the one lineman on the ‘B’ team who could remember the snap count. (For your off topic memory, because Ehrgott was by far faster than anyone else on the field and because I could actually remember to execute said snap without a quarterback calling for the ball, we would run a play called the ‘Goose and Go.’ Everyone else on the offense had to stay still for one to two seconds before going into a stance save for me. Ehrgott would then slap the buttocks of yours truly without verbally calling out signals and I would hike the ball to Ehrgott who would then take off as the opposing defense had no idea what was going on since they were used to quarterbacks saying HUTHUHUT before the ball was snapped. More often than not the play would get long first down gains and even touchdowns. Coincidentally, our ‘B’ team went undefeated at 3-0 while the ‘A’ team had a losing record. And if you’re still reading, you now know two things: the highlight of my school sports playing career involved another man putting his hands on my a– to ‘goose’ me, and because of that Flaugher and I actually had something in common. The followup to the last part writes itself.)

Oops, got sidetracked…

Basically I was then in shock that Flaugher would remember who I was and always be nice to me whenever I got the chance to talk to her. And this continued throughout the remainder of said senior year and summer after said senior year. (Yes, signed both junior and senior yearbooks too. Had to throw that out there. Since you’re not shocked that I found said junior yearbook to confirm it, I got to see the conclusion was HAVE A GREAT SENIOR YEAR! LATER, JENNY of said signing. Yes, 17 year old me used to stare at that signature too. As always, call me consistent.)

So should the two Jennys (Story and Flaugher) ever read this, big thanks to being nice to me because that really meant a lot. That helped make up for a lot of the negativity I dealt with my first two years of high school. Also best wishes to you and your loved ones in whatever you do now and the future.

And speaking of the future, before wrapping this up and hitting the 5,000 word mark those who know me know damn well that I’m not going to forget to mention the last of the five pictured Hot Sonland Chicks on said photo because she’s been referenced already on a couple of Instagram posts….

Keri Caswell (aka ‘Dream Girl’, kneeling in front of Story) …..bottom line is that if it wasn’t for Keri I don’t even get the chance to meet or talk to so many people and have the opportunity to have good memories of my last two summers and my last year and a half at the Sonland. I owe her a lot. And since I don’t want to babble too much incoherently because quite frankly the mere thought of her tends me to do that, I’ll simply refer back to what I had wrote on my first few Instagram posts when I was writing my Prom Diary (or How To Actually Go To Prom With a Hot Chick-talking about Keri was Step 6 :BE ABLE TO TALK TO HOT SONLAND CHICKS FROM THE HOTTEST CLASS YEAR OF THEM ALL) which included this:

…….in junior year I was in the back row of said Spanish class, looked towards the door and saw this blonde bombshell staring back at me with the same pictured grin in the bottom photo. That was my first ever encounter with Hot Sonland Chick and cheerleading star Keri Caswell. One spring weeknight I actually got up the courage to call her on the phone. Not only did she not hang up on me but she actually didn’t mind me calling…or coming over to visit and hang out…and it ended up being the best phone call I ever made because it was the gateway to getting to know more awesome women than I ever would have thought possible. All thanks entirely to her and her kindness. No matter what was going on in the Sonland she always made sure to take time out of her Hot Sonland Chick schedule to talk to me and keep me up to date with the latest goings on. There aren’t enough words out there for me to use when it comes to Keri, so I’ll just keep it simple: there was only one person whose words could get me motivated enough to go back to school after over a decade of excuses. Three college degrees and a doctorate program acceptance later, you’ll looking at the beautiful woman who was the reason for said return to school. Of course it was.

…tldr: one summer evening back in 2007 Keri told me ‘you can do better with your life.’ That was the beginning of me reconsidering going back to school. The next year I decided to make it happen, and today as a result of that pep talk I now have said three college degrees (associates’, bachelor’s and MBA) as well as over a year of PhD work completed. Safe to say that Keri’s the equal of E.F. Hutton: when she talks, I listen. Nothing more, nothing less.

I never really got the opportunity to thank her for her advice and for all the good she did for me back in high school. So this sentence hopefully is a step in that direction.

Thanks for everything, Dream Girl.

Oh, almost forgot that story I referenced earlier:

….summer 1991. I was working 40 hour weeks doing said sanitation work at Park 100 where it was set up towards me going there from 7 to 7 or 8 to 8 Monday through Wednesday (with me driving Young Adams and Sons around on said weeknights, so it wasn’t like I slept much) and then working 8 to 12 Thursdays to where I had the equal of a 3 1/2 to 4 day weekend. If I visited the Caswell compound (which readers will have figured out happened a lot those two summers) that summer it would be on Thursday afternoons or evenings..and late one Thursday afternoon you can easily figure out where I was going to go visit. I had the Cavalier by that time so I drive over there……and I have no idea if anyone is home. With the chance people may be at the dock (as they lived on Morse Reservoir) then I figure I would roll that way…..

….and of course I end up walking into one of the greatest sights of all in my then 18 year old lifetime: Caswell, Story AND Flaugher all sporting bikinis while sunbathing.

After admiring the beauty for a moment (they all had shades on and apparently didn’t see me) guess what yours truly said to celebrate such a sighting….

I proclaim out loud OH MY GOD I THINK I’VE GOT A BONER!

Caswell’s mother overheard it.

The beautiful trio of women cracked up.

And of course Caswell made sure to mention it a few times later on.

Though in fairness, two things: it was one of the greatest things I had ever seen, and damn right I was telling the truth on what happened. I certainly got a ‘pop’ out of it. As well as a smile that didn’t leave for days. And the need to take a cold shower afterwards.

Yeah, that was a damn good afternoon. And yeah, that’s a good way to conclude this post as 2016 comes to a close.

Time to now call and make sure I have health insurance. Always a good thing. And with that thanks to all who may read this. Happy New Year to everyone.


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