1-6-17: Diamond Jim Makes No Move, Dysfunctional Duo Apparently Back for 2017

For the last few months yours truly has often uttered the following words when hoping  improvements would be made to the current Indianapolis Colts organization: Your move, Diamond Jim.

According to multiple national media sources this morning, apparently Diamond Jim has made his move….by making no move at all.

Got the news around 10 am from said multiple media media sources as they proclaimed there would be no coaching change-or general manager change-at all for the Colts in 2017 as the Diamond Jim in question (Colts owner Jim Irsay) had decided to keep head coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson in the wake of missing the National Football League postseason in back to back seasons with matching 8-8 records. Not since the years 1997 and 1998 had Central Indiana’s professional football franchise gone consecutive years without playing in postseason games. In the opinion of this non-iconic keyboard warrior typing this blog post, the vast amount of credit-or blame-for this predicament falls at the feet of said Pagano and Grigson with an assist to Irsay for the franchise’s decline from AFC championship game participant in 2014 to third place finisher in the AFC South Division in 2016. Under Irsay’s watch the Dysfunctional Duo has allowed the Colts to slide into mediocrity after multiple seasons of bad Grigson-led drafts, worst Grigson-led free agency choices, and finally head scratching coaching decisions by Pagano and his staff that cost the team greatly when they still had the opportunity to win AFC South Division titles in the last two seasons. Yet as of now it appears that said Pagano and Grigson will get another chance to right a leaky ship that has been described in multiple previous posts as being anything but a Super Bowl contender in recent years.

Yours truly had predicted this, so yours truly is neither surprised nor should be crowned the Son of Sons for making said prediction. On the other hand, if one outside of the Indianapolis area wonders if the majority of Colts fans are upset with said situation, then one would be right.

In highlight of my lack of tech skills, cut and paste time for links on news and reaction to said news from said Colts fans.

First, the boys at NFL.com and their announcement:


Then the local Colts propaganda machine that calls itself Fox 59:

Reports: Colts coach Chuck Pagano, GM Ryan Grigson to return next season

And SB Nation gives a nice headline on this link that equals WTF on said decision:


As for fan reaction, just go to none other than colts.com for feelings high and low on the situation (there are still some Pagano fans, at least on the first few pages of the thread):


….and as per usual with this blog it’s appropriate to link to the takes of the gents on coltfreaks.com:


Best take from said coltfreaks.com posters showing the lack of support on Irsay’s decision (or non-decision perhaps) comes from WaynesWorld87 as he waits till the end before dropping the four letter bombs:

This is the type of gross mismanagement that can cause a franchise to lose fans. I’m not saying I’m done being a Colts fan, because it’s hard to just quit doing something you’ve done for 30 years, but my passion for the Colts has dwindled down to a flickering flame.

I can’t believe I’m reliving this off-season nightmare two years in a row when it was obvious that Pagano wasn’t going to cut it as our head coach. We’ve got a generational talent at QB and we’re about to waste a sixth season of his career with a glorified cheerleader and motivational speaker as our head coach.

Mr. Irsay, you can go **** yourself. You have just announced to the entire NFL watching world that you are a terrible owner.

….and that leads to this final tidbit from the oft referenced poster GoBigBlue88:

If this does happen, I can say: I probably won’t even be blaming Pagano or Grigson when things go wrong anymore. I’ll just be blaming Irsay directly. Totally on him at this point.

My takes on the matter have been recorded before, so I’ll be quick: Irsay has put both his financial stamp and emotional stamp on the Pagano-Grigson combination via giving dudes four year extensions after last season. We’re only through year one. There’s six more years of contract (three for Pagano, three for Grigson) scratch to pay out. By going 8-8 again the Dysfunctional Duo has done just enough to keep their gigs going and ensure they’re present for at least half the time that they’re obligated to get bankrolled for. Business decision made at the risk of losing fan support as well as cash flow via ticket sales. Yet the Dysfunctional Duo as of now are able to live off their first three seasons (33-15 regular season record, 16-2 AFC South record) to get a pass for their last two mediocre ones (16-16 regular season record, 7-5 AFC South record with THREE STRAIGHT LOSSES to back-to-back AFC South champ Houston). As a result, more Pagano and Grigson on your TV sets for the 2017 season.

My prediction: nothing less than 9 wins and a postseason berth of ANY KIND (be it via winning said AFC South or making the postseason as one of the two AFC wild card teams) will be acceptable to Irsay in 2017.

If the Colts make the playoffs next season then I’ll expect Pagano and Grigson to finish up their deals and hope for the best. But if they don’t?

Probably best to not think about it right now.

Will probably come back in the next post or two to how the Dysfunctional Duo can take advantage of this third chance and get the franchise back on track. For now, a GIF of dude rocking a Johnny Unitas jersey and dancing during a nationally televised game against Tennessee in days of yore:

At least that’s one move that cracked me up today, so there’s that.

As always thanks to any and all out in Internetland who may read these…..should post later on as parts of Central Indiana celebrate sub zero temperatures and I celebrate just two more evenings without classwork.





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