1-10-17: Tuesday Night Fitzthoughts: Colts Look North of the Border for Defense

Very quick typing on a windy Tuesday night in Central Indiana as there is homework aplenty to do (shock) and the lack of motivation to do it (even greater shock):

-plenty of previous posts have noted the need for the Indianapolis Colts’ Dysfunctional Duo of head coach Ground Chuck Pagano and ‘The Big Grig’ Ryan Grigson to improve a defense that is pretty much the s–ts year in and year out.  Apparently the preferred gents of Colts owner Diamond Jim Irsay are looking for help from the Canadian Football League to improve the 30th ranked defense out of 32 in the National Football League’s 2016 campaign, and the player in question per media reports is a 6 foot 1, 228 pound individual named Alex Bazzie. Photo of said Bazzie rocking some BC Lions gear via the CFL’s website:

Also for future reference from said site, dude’s stat line:


Our University of Marshall alum had 29 sacks in 50 games throughout three CFL seasons. While that is astronomical compared to the likes of Big Grig’s main hombre Trent Cole, nonetheless after said signing I’m not ready for a World title just yet. Nevertheless it gives one hope that the team is headed in the right direction for their 2017 defensive efforts…like ranking 28th or 29th. Hey, at this pace for all I know that kind of ranking could give the Dysfunctional Duo ANOTHER four year contract extension. (Ugh.)

Enough Colts chatter. For other quick takes before actually doing said homework…..

-always good to get positive feedback on eBay. Also always good to find brand new shirts for under $10 on said eBay as well.

-after dropping some OT in yours truly celebrated with Marco’s Pizza and the free $5 cheezy bread. Good thing about said Sonland City area Marco’s is you can call your order in and be able to pick it up within 10 minutes time and order will be done and in full effect. Giving credit to the family for recommending it as it has become a personal favorite in recent months. Also provides lunch for tomorrow. Yum.

-a quarter century ago I was in my first week of spring term classes in scenic Lexington 40508 via Transylvania University. Reminds me of one of the best frat parties I ever attended the first Friday night that everyone was back……party went so well that people basically took the remainder of the weekend to recover. Also made me think of passing on Psych class to watch the Winter Olympics. Not coincidentally, I didn’t do so well in said Psych class but did enough to pass. (By comparison took it at Ivy Tech and got an A. Still remember studying for it on a Friday night while watching the Andy Kaufman movie biopic  Man on the Moon on WGN before taking the test that Saturday morning. There are certain moments that have stood out while going back to school in my 30’s; that Friday night and the simplicity of things is one of them.)

BTW…for some reason some of these TU professors acted like your first year and intro courses were the equal of being at Harvard Law or John Hopkins Med. That part I definitely don’t miss. Kind of like eating cereal during every cafeteria meal for three straight years……not missing those Apple Jacks at all. Or first year Psych when you study your notes for an exam and nothing from the notes appears to be on that exam. Though in fairness that tends to happen if you only go to class once a week before the midterm. That changed after said midterm as did my grade. Makes me shake my head thinking about watching the clock waiting for 1:20 pm to get there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon…..dreaded that class yet thankfully survived it. Same goes with the Apple Jacks.

-the news of Allen Iverson possibly coming back to be a player-coach in a pending 3 on 3 hoops league reminds me of one more TU related item: when Iverson was a frosh at Georgetown I was a senior at TU and for Christmas ended up getting a pair similar to these Nike Air Pound shoes pictured below:

Since they were what Iverson wore, I would call them “Iversons”. Those shoes held up for several years and proved to be pretty acceptable for intramural hoops (in which I averaged 12 points a game because I basically said ‘screw it, I’m a senior, so I’m shooting’ and hence shot enough to get said 12 points a game). Actually liked playing intramural hoops that year, and to be honest that wasn’t always the case. While not quite Psych class at TU, you can add to that to s–t I didn’t miss too much for alma mater number one.

-With the wind outside at monsoon like proportions (not to be compared with an idol of my youth, WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon) finishing up with this Fitzthoughts GIF of the day involving a holiday celebrating Will Smith of NBC sitcoms past. (BTW, RIP to the great James Avery who rocked the house as Uncle Phil.) Reaction is basically what I did when I walked around said senior prom and people wondered why in the blue hell I was at said prom to begin with:

Reminds me……one of these days I’ll eventually need to go more in-depth on what I started last spring with Instagram in reminiscing about The Prom Date.  I’d rather do that then giving an in-depth lecture about a spring paper topic that’s not due for another seven weeks, but unfortunately duty calls.

(Also reminds me that at TU I had a shirt similar to the one the Fresh Prince is pimping, only mine didn’t rock the red in it. Hey, it was the 90’s.)

Best wishes to all and thanks to any and everyone who may read this.


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