1-11-17: Fitzthoughtsblog First: Blogging From Class

Wednesday night in Central Indiana, 8:23 pm Eastern time…..and I’m doing something I probably never would have thought about doing some 25 years ago at college number one Transylvania University: attending class by listening to said class by calling in to listen to the lecture via cellular phone. As one can tell, I’m handling the situation well. After said class comes HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK as I’m hoping (emphasis on hoping) to just get things done after said class ends (hopefully at its scheduled time of 9 pm.) While waiting for said class to conclude, few random takes on life, liberty and finding photos of the 1978 classic comedy film Animal House via the Interwebs:

-hearing rumors that the Colts interviewed current Monday Night Football color commentator Jon Gruden on his interest in joining the Diamond Jim Irsay approved organization that currently employs the Dysfunctional Duo of Ground Chuck Pagano and ‘Big Grig’ Ryan Grigson in leadership roles. No complaints with me on that. As always stay tuned to see if that actually does take place.

-as mentioned earlier hoping to finally wrap up details on Sonland senior year at Noblesville High before getting into two big influences: the one night out in May 1991 with The Prom Date and the time pledging and initiating into the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity in 1991-92. Without the first, the second doesn’t happen. Plus some good comedy stories on how said Prom Date helped me be ready to deal with women that were nice and not so nice. (The pledgeship Christmas Party right before fall term finals comes to mind. Safe to say the photo I posted on Instagram a couple weeks back from said party was of interest because said beautiful sorority member Miss Carol King was in fact NOT my date that evening. Doesn’t speak well for the actual date unless you want some real comedy about why I decided to ask said not so great actual date out in the first place. (Hint: she commented on one of my body parts on the way back from class.)

-I just commented in the class just now. Sounds like I might have a good eight weeks since there’s no SPSS or stupid computer $!$%! to deal with. More up my alley.

-no Subway sandwich tonight for dinner as I opted for some grilled chicken from McDonald’s. Hoping to make that the last Mickey D’s stop for awhile. (Reminds me of one of my frosh year highlights at TU….I had a 3 pm class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so once a week I would say enough with Apple Jacks for lunch and decide to roll out in the 1988 Cavalier to the McDonald’s that was on the University of Kentucky campus. Would rock the drive thru and park somewhere to chow before driving back to the freshman parking lot and wandering over to class. Class was Freshman Studies (the equal of Comp 101 at most colleges), and I liked it because it was writing related. No spreadsheet or quantitative b—s— like I dealt with last November and December, and it was a good thing. One of the few classes I missed, and coincidentally one of the ones I got straight A’s in.

Yeah, it was sad that I got revved up for McDonald’s. But that hopefully tells you how bad that TU cafeteria food was at times. Safe to say I don’t miss it.

-Well, class just finished so I will leave with a quick take and a quick GIF:

….take wise I still feel I’m at the crossroads on this school stuff. Struggling still with burnout. Temper flares in having to deal with it on the weekends. So this next eight weeks will be pretty crucial in determining what direction I take. Have a feeling I’ll be glad to blog about it as I hope to be more active here than I was the last few months of 2016 (when I’d avoid the blog for weeks at a time because I equal home computer time with schoolwork.)

….and as for the Fitzthoughts GIF of the Day, might as well keep the Animal House theme going:

Ah, the early 60’s.

Thanks as always to anyone and all who read these as January continues on.


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