1-21-17: Colts Update: Diamond Jim Makes A Move as Grigson Gone

As the 45th and newest Chief Executive would likely point out, Indianapolis Colts fans like myself have been looking for some light at the end of the tunnel after two consecutive seasons of missing the National Football League playoffs in 2015 and 2016.

This afternoon we may have finally gotten the news that keeps our franchise from becoming an afterthought in central Indiana. Also might keep the fan base from making unneeded drug related cracks and insults about the team’s owner…for a week or two, anyway.

Said news:  The Dysfunctional Duo of coach Ground Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan ‘Big Grig’ Grigson has been dissolved as ESPN media man Adam Schefter reports that Grigson has been relieved of his duties in the Colts’ front office.

If this is in fact the case, then personally there’s no issue saying I was wrong about the ‘Grigano’ combination coming back in 2017 (as previously posted many times on this blog).  And as mentioned many times before, the YOUR MOVE DIAMOND JIM quote finally happens….with the move I personally preferred (Grigson being the one of the two to leave the organization first) seemingly being the move that Colts owner Diamond Jim Irsay has decided to make. (We can discuss Pagano’s coaching weaknesses in full detail later on, but for now as a fan of this franchise since 1984 I’ll take what I can get in the way of good news….or after these three weeks ANY actual news, come to think of it.)

My next Colts related post was going to concern the five reasons I felt the team still had a chance to contend and return to the playoffs in 2017. Should this Grigson news be official, safe to say that you already know what one of said five reason will be.

For the time being it’s RAPID REACTION TIME on the end to Grigson’s tenure as the main football personnel man at West 56th Street, Indianapolis….

First, the news from local Indy media man turned Four Letter Son Mike Wells (EDIT: updated with a Diamond Jim press conference noting our main man Ground Chuck is back to coach in 2017..for now):


The local fishwrap goes to one of their favorites-the team’s madcap punter-for his social media related take on the situation:


Peter King’s MMQB site via the Sports Illustrated brand weighs in the manner as the P. Williams Manning speculation amps up:


CBS Sports notes NFL Network sources in saying Diamond Jim made the move to rid the organization of Grigson earlier today:


The Spin Boys take a moment from planning the 2020 Democratic National Convention to give their, uh, spin on the matter (comments at the time include local Indy radio man Dan Dakich splurging out a tweet):


…and lastly a link to coltfreaks.com, the home of some Grigson fans who absolved him from most of the blame for the team’s decline due in part to the inept in-game coaching of Ground Chuck Pagano (note the post title added ‘no joke’ to ensure that there was actual news instead of rumors on the matter) :


Apparently Diamond Jim will speak to the media later on about this matter. And apparently I may have reason to have confidence in this year’s draft and offseason personnel moves. While I’ll watch Diamond Jim’s team in 2017, as of this moment I now feel like there is some hope for the team’s future. And hope is always a good thing when watching sports in my view.

Might save NFL Network from being axed on the cable deal too.

As always, stay tuned…but for now I’ll repeat myself when it comes to the YOUR MOVE DIAMOND JIM thing……

…better late than never.





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