1-22-17: The South Rises Again: Atlanta Falcons win NFC Championship 44-21

Man, I didn’t see this kind of a beat down coming. Even with Mike McCarthy coaching on the road in the playoff game.

But it’s official- the Falcons are back in the Super Bowl by winning their second ever National Football Conference championship.

Final score: Atlanta 44, Green Bay 21

Photo from last time the ATL got down in the big game under the leadership of Dan Reeves:

..and obligatory photo of standout Falcon wideout Quintorris Lopez Jones:

Final box score link from our pals at NFL.com:


Congrats to the new generation of Dirty Birds. Have no issue admitting I was wrong about their chances due to their playoff history, but that defense took care of business and The Son Matt Ryan was, well, The Son Matt Ryan.

Next up: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on mute as New England hosts Pittsburgh for the AFC title and the other Super Bowl spot. Nothing like a day of championship football in January. The Son and his man Mighty Dan Quinn await the winner.

Again congrats to the Falcons and their fans.








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