2-20-2017: Fitzthoughts GIF of the Day

Might as well show what will end up being the high point of the 2016-2017 Indiana Pacers season courtesy of young Glenn Robinson III, ESQ on Saturday night:

May not make up for watching the likes of Rodney Stuckey, Lavoy Allen or Monta Ellis the last few months, but I’ll take what I can get.

Congrats to GRIII winning the 2017 All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest.  After seeing him put in the work on NBATV in this year’s summer league games, I’m happy he’s not only stuck on the main roster but been able to handle being thrown into the fire by getting much more playing time than last season. Hope he can be a positive contributor to the Pacers franchise for years to come.

After watching Stuckey, Allen and Ellis attempt to play this season, safe to say I think the Pacers better be banking on an improved GRIII as well. Best to leave it at that on this President’s Day.


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