2-26-17: Fitzthoughts GIF of the Day

Rough day at the office for Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in the 1990 holiday movie Home Alone. That matinee showing of said movie proved to be another turning point in my senior year of high school. Photo courtesy of Pinterest .

Happy Sunday to everyone out there. Last night I talked about the first half of my senior year at the Sonland (aka Noblesville High) and mentioned two bits of pop culture that usually go hand in hand with the year 1990 as well as my one time friend Number 10. One was the future six-time NBA champion and fashion icon Michael Jordan; the other was the 1990 holiday film icon Home Alone. Said GIF below combines both as MJ helped keep the peace while the young Mac Culkin was getting down solo in his crib:

Now Young Mac may be enjoying himself JUST a bit much there, so I’ll assume he just found the spiked eggnog. Good for him.

Final class paper due Saturday, wish me luck.

Thanks to any and all who read these and have a good week.


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