3/12/2017- Fitzthoughts GIF(s) of the Day

Local sportswriters expect Tom Crean to return for his 10th season as the Indiana University basketball coach despite another mediocre showing in 2016-2017. A rabid fan base that has seen Crean coached Indiana teams lose 45 percent of the the time may not be too thrilled with that. Photo courtesy The Crimson Quarry website.

New week, same results with Tom Crean and Indiana University basketball as they now wait for an invite to the NIT as opposed to the ‘March Madness’ of the NCAA men’s basketball tourney. When your coach is 2-16 against the present Big 10 hoops icon Wisconsin (including the 70-60 loss that I foolishly watched on Friday night) and only has winning records against Rutgers and Northwestern in Big 10 play…you MIGHT think dude would be worried about staying at his high paid gig due to consistently mediocre to s–t results (see the 2-19-2017 post for previous takes.)

I get that Crean will have his defenders. I also expect sportswriters will have their takes because they are paid to produce a couple columns per week in order to rake in their cash. Therefore I use my poor tech skills to include this link to Gregg Doyel article from last week’s Indianapolis Star….


…and after watching the Crean trademark WEAVE AND HEAVE offense along with having his main big man Thomas Bryant become an inefficient three point shooter and outright liability on the court against quality competition (the supposed future NBA draft pick scored TWO POINTS -emphasized because it was TWO F’N POINTS-against Wisconsin on Friday), I simply provide this GIF of the Day when it comes to the article:

For Doyel’s sake along with the people who would actually like to see Indiana University have a semi-competent basketball program some day, I hope his wishes of Crean evolving come true. As for me, should Crean continue to stay in Bloomington and lead the program to 15 loss seasons and sub-.500 records in the Big 10, I’ll echo the thoughts of that Curtis Jackson shown below:

NIT selection show is 8:30 pm tonight. Butler, Notre Dame and Purdue fans won’t be concerned because they’ll already know where they’re going for the NCAA tourney. Meanwhile take away last year’s Sweet 16 apperance Crean will have gone 17-15, 20-14 and (as of now) 18-15 in the other three of these last four seasons since Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo left for the NBA.

The supposed number one basketball school in the Big 10 is currently no better than fourth best in its own state. So I simply conclude with repeating this message to Indiana’s athletic director:

Your move, Big Glass.

Happy Sunday from the Fitzthoughtsblog and best wishes to all for a good week.





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