3-25-17: Little Archie Goes to Bloomington-Rapid Reaction


Will Archie Miller be doing similar fist pumps now that he’s left Dayton to coach at Indiana? Hoosier fans hope so after dealing with three not-so-quality coaching hires to replace Bob Knight in the past 17 years. Hope you get this one right, Fred Glass. Photo courtesy of heavy.com. 



Saturday afternoon in Central Indiana and Indiana University has a new men’s basketball coach. Since it’s not Tom Crean, I’m happy. Since it’s not Billy Donovan or Brad Stevens, I’m not shocked as I expected someone from a mid-major college (read: not drinking in the Big 10, ACC, Big East, Pac 12 or SEC) to get the first look from IU athletic director and former number one fan of said Crean Big Fred Glass.  So the names Gregg Marshall of Wichita State and Archie Miller of Dayton have been on my radar for the last several days. With Marshall already making big jack in the Sunflower State, that is where I had a feeling Miller would get the nod if offered the IU gig for a salary similar to Crean’s (as Crean was one of the ten highest paid college basketball coaches in the land to do whatever the blue hell he did in losing regularly to Nebraska, Minnesota and Northwestern).

This afternoon before getting ready to watch the Elite Eight NCAA tourney games, I found out Miller took the job. Hence Little Archie is coming to Bloomington.

Quick links to those so-called sports media icons reporting on this….

Still employed at ESPN after doing his part to report on the demise of Bob Knight nearly two decades ago, old Andy Katz partners with Jeff Goodman to break the story on Miller’s hiring:


The SB Nation boys seem to be along with the hire…


..as is the baseball analogy making sportswriter de jour Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star:


The Star also reports that Miller will try to do what Crean could not and regularly get competent recruits that are from the Hoosier State:


Meanwhile former Crean defender Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated IMO is happy that Miller got the job over former IU hero and current UCLA coach Steve Alford (never mind Alford said repeatedly this week that he wasn’t going anywhere..for now):


Lastly the Big 10 Network website shows some Twitter feedback from a variety of individuals that include someone who I follow on Instagram….former IU 1990’s star A.J. Guyton:

Twitter: Reaction to Indiana hiring Dayton’s Archie Miller

Well, Big Glass, you made the move. We’ll see if he can do better than 10th in the Big 10 his first time out. (Can’t do worst than Crean’s first three years at Bloomington, anyway.)

Good luck to Coach Miller. Better luck to Big Glass as he needs to get this one right.

Now time for the Elite Eight. And you’re not surprised a grown man in his early 40’s would be following an I.U. player from his college days on Instagram (which of course is at @ajguyton25).

Thanks to any and all who read this and happy basketball watching.


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