3-19-18: March Madness

Take a bow for making history last week, UMBC. 


Random Fitzthoughts after a weekend of college basketball upsets and broken brackets:

-The games I watched this weekend ranged from those of local interest (Purdue’s 76-73 defeat of Butler to advance to the Sweet 16)   to those rooting against Big 10 teams that always beat the lackluster Indiana program (Syracuse upsetting Michigan State) to finally dealing with familiar names winning as expected (Villanova and Kentucky). Main thing I took out of the tourney was the obvious cliches: it’s wide open right now and any given team could pull a North Carolina State over Houston and walk out with the title. Good for all involved. Makes the games more worthwhile for me to watch as opposed to seeing Thaddeus Charles Young sleepwalk through another month of Indiana Pacers regular season games.

-Speaking of Indiana….if I ever need to remember how old I am now, I just need to look back at Indiana’s last national title being won when I was in junior high school. While Syracuse and Jim Boeheim have had some consistent tourney success over the past 30 years……….can’t say the same about Indiana. Little wonder that I now overreact when the Hoosiers actually have a decent regular season where they don’t lose 14 or more games. Missing the NCAA tournament year after year tends to do that.

-For more Boeheim related irony, the Syracuse Sweet 16 match-up on Friday night will be against none other than my pick to win it all this year, Duke. So if Duke loses by double digits in the one must watch game for me this Friday night, I shouldn’t be surprised.

-Won’t argue with The Baltimore Sun about their take on UMBC upsetting Virginia.

-for now the personal current Final Four picks are Duke, Michigan, Kentucky and Villanova with Duke beating Michigan for the title. Will see if that blast from the past pick actually works out.

-in other IU related news, Jim Harbaugh’s brother-in-law has a new gig. Good luck to Georgia basketball fans. Meanwhile at least one media legend approves.

-there will be at least one Indiana-Purdue postseason basketball clash coming up this week courtesy of the Women’s NIT. Best of luck to both squads.

-in following up with Hoosier Hysteria related posts from recent days, a Warren Central buzzer beater ended Romeo Langford’s high school hoops career last Saturday. Now I join many others across the state in waiting to hear if Langford stays in state to play college basketball next year.  I’m prepared to hear either the words Kansas or Vanderbilt be announced next month as said choice of Langford. Hope I’m wrong.

-last but not least from a local perspective….it’s been 18 years since Purdue made the Elite Eight and 38 years since they made the Final Four.  History has not been kind to those Boilermakers when it comes to March Madness, so best wishes to Purdue fans of all ages when Matt Painter’s team plays Texas Tech this Friday night on TBS.

Looking forward to another good weekend of college basketball. Hope to be back with another post before the week concludes.





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