About the Author- Jeff Fitzpatrick

-Current PhD student at Indiana Tech

-As the blog title notes, voted ‘Most Likely to Stay Single’ in the Noblesville High School Class of 1991 and not surprisingly still single

-Overcame bullying from dumb f—-s like these in high school to lose 60 pounds in two years and find better things to do then deal with their bulls–t.

-Member of Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Theta and Phi Theta Kappa

-Lifelong fan of the Indiana Pacers, Cincinnati Reds and Indianapolis Colts

-On Instagram at @fitzthoughts and Tumblr at fitzthoughtsblog.tumblr.com

-Started the blog in 2016 as part of celebrating the 25th celebration of graduating high school as well as actually going to prom with a hot chick. Still need to finish writing about that in the midst of writing PhD papers and work.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and best wishes,