3-19-18: March Madness

Take a bow for making history last week, UMBC. 


Random Fitzthoughts after a weekend of college basketball upsets and broken brackets:

-The games I watched this weekend ranged from those of local interest (Purdue’s 76-73 defeat of Butler to advance to the Sweet 16)   to those rooting against Big 10 teams that always beat the lackluster Indiana program (Syracuse upsetting Michigan State) to finally dealing with familiar names winning as expected (Villanova and Kentucky). Main thing I took out of the tourney was the obvious cliches: it’s wide open right now and any given team could pull a North Carolina State over Houston and walk out with the title. Good for all involved. Makes the games more worthwhile for me to watch as opposed to seeing Thaddeus Charles Young sleepwalk through another month of Indiana Pacers regular season games.

-Speaking of Indiana….if I ever need to remember how old I am now, I just need to look back at Indiana’s last national title being won when I was in junior high school. While Syracuse and Jim Boeheim have had some consistent tourney success over the past 30 years……….can’t say the same about Indiana. Little wonder that I now overreact when the Hoosiers actually have a decent regular season where they don’t lose 14 or more games. Missing the NCAA tournament year after year tends to do that.

-For more Boeheim related irony, the Syracuse Sweet 16 match-up on Friday night will be against none other than my pick to win it all this year, Duke. So if Duke loses by double digits in the one must watch game for me this Friday night, I shouldn’t be surprised.

-Won’t argue with The Baltimore Sun about their take on UMBC upsetting Virginia.

-for now the personal current Final Four picks are Duke, Michigan, Kentucky and Villanova with Duke beating Michigan for the title. Will see if that blast from the past pick actually works out.

-in other IU related news, Jim Harbaugh’s brother-in-law has a new gig. Good luck to Georgia basketball fans. Meanwhile at least one media legend approves.

-there will be at least one Indiana-Purdue postseason basketball clash coming up this week courtesy of the Women’s NIT. Best of luck to both squads.

-in following up with Hoosier Hysteria related posts from recent days, a Warren Central buzzer beater ended Romeo Langford’s high school hoops career last Saturday. Now I join many others across the state in waiting to hear if Langford stays in state to play college basketball next year.  I’m prepared to hear either the words Kansas or Vanderbilt be announced next month as said choice of Langford. Hope I’m wrong.

-last but not least from a local perspective….it’s been 18 years since Purdue made the Elite Eight and 38 years since they made the Final Four.  History has not been kind to those Boilermakers when it comes to March Madness, so best wishes to Purdue fans of all ages when Matt Painter’s team plays Texas Tech this Friday night on TBS.

Looking forward to another good weekend of college basketball. Hope to be back with another post before the week concludes.





3-15-17: Fitzthoughts GIF of the Day

Just got out of class a few minutes ago. Not surprisingly I was the only one who actually MADE IT to said class because, well, NCAA tourney.

As the evening games are about ready to kick off, nice to note that Indiana University will not be a part of the March Madness festivities this weekend because Indiana University is once again s—-y at college basketball. While I may not be able to be as passionate on the subject as Indianapolis Star sports columnist Gregg Doyel, count me in among the many who would be happy to see one New Albany senior hoops star named Romeo Langford be on the court for the Hoosiers next season.  Hence, GIF time of said Romeo in action….

….first with outside game….

Image result for romeo langford gif

…..and then running the floor:

Image result for romeo langford gif

…followed with one more for good measure:

Image result for romeo langford gif

Even if it’s for one year only……get it done, Little Archie Miller.

Now off to watch March Madness, IU or no IU. Back with more in a couple days.



3-12-18: Monday Musings

Another post, another caption featuring Will Ferrell. Old School photo courtesy of basementrejects.com


The week begins with yet another class assignment due Wednesday and the NCAA’s March Madness beginning tomorrow night to watch in the midst of completing said assignment. As the title states, some Monday musings:

-The Cincinnati Reds actually had a spring training game televised yesterday on the MLB Network.….so of course I walked the dog. Meanwhile another pair of starting pitchers get hurt and I simply shake my head.

-The Indiana Pacers overcame Thaddeus Charles Young still being relatively worthless by beating a quality team on the road last night via a 99-97 win over Boston. While I am not exactly watching every single minute of their current season, the plan is to repeat last year’s strategy by watching their playoff games in full to see what they need to improve (i.e. getting rid of Young and Corey Joseph) while seeing if the team’s standard bearers Victor Oladipo and Myles Turner are actually worth building around. Still not sold on Oladipo for obvious reasons but again not my worry since I’m thankfully not like Kevin Pritchard in expecting big things from this current Pacers squad. Personally I’ll be satisfied with winning one single playoff series, and to do that I suggest they finish no lower than fifth in the NBA Eastern Conference regular season standings. Meanwhile I eagerly await this overpaid individual to leave the squad as said individual would be on the books for $10 million next year if Pritchard feels Turner still needs an expensive mentor on the sidelines to do whatever the blue f— said individual does to deserve such lettuce.

I’ll give the Pacers this: I was figuring they would be on the way to a 50 loss season, so might as well enjoy another playoff appearance while hoping this ESPN favorite finally goes somewhere else outside of the NBA East. As for Pritchard, I assume he and Oladipo get along swell as Oladipo enjoys massive bank in return for getting down in the Circle City. And at least Pritchard isn’t one of these two gentlemen who pissed away multiple chances to win the NBA title…..so there’s that.

-found I could hit snooze a dozen times or so and still make it to work on time today. Wouldn’t recommend it, but if one only has a 10-15 minute commute to said gig then one can take a chance.

-your newest WWE Hall of Famer played a concert at the last Indy 500 Carb Day that I attended. Looking back it was TEN YEARS ago….sounds about right. More props to me for actually remembering the occasion to begin with.

-finally winding things up with a GIF featuring the baller who won the NBA slam dunk contest in the midst of my senior year at Sonland High, one Dee Brown:

Image result for nba dunk gif

Those Reebok Pumps are among my favorites, hence they’re proudly in the sneaker collection courtesy of our pals at eBay from, yes, ten years ago. Shows I had a lot more disposable income before I went back to school. Insert head shake.

Back with more later in the week, thanks to any and all who may read these Fitzthoughts.



3-10-18: Weekend Update

Chevy Chase then and now. Age has not been kind to both of us. Courtesy of looper.com.



Back on a Saturday morning doing, yes, homework. Class starts tomorrow but first assignment is due by tomorrow at midnight. Just took care of it and now am here to post some news and notes from the week:

-decided earlier in the year that I was going to try to find a new place to dine at each week. Criteria was either a) I had never had a meal there or b) I had not had a meal there in the past year or so. Past posts noted visiting Pizza by the Harbour in scenic Sonland City USA; this post notes that last night I bought dinner for the family courtesy of one of the many Pizza King locations in central Indiana. Pizza by the Harbour was cheaper and better, but that didn’t stop me from having cold pizza for breakfast since it hadn’t stopped me doing just that for the past few decades. At the very least it was nice to have a change of pace from being a cheapskate for places such as this.

-also watched LIU Brooklyn defeat Wagner in the Northeast Conference‘s NCAA mens’ hoops conference finals to earn a trip to the NCAA tournament that starts next week. After hearing references to Marquette and the greatness of Big 10 conference officiating from the ESPN color commentator for the game, I of course figured out that it was none other than Harbaugh family favorite Tom Crean dropping the knowledge on mid-major basketball.  Past posts show my view on Crean’s reign of error in Bloomington with the Indiana University program. Safe to say those views haven’t changed too much.

-not having three feet of snow is good. Having migraine headaches due to weather change….not so good. Two straight days of said migraines led to sleeping on and off from 7 pm (conclusion of dinner) to 7 am (eating said dinner leftovers for breakfast) this morning. Thankfully a lot better now.

-the Reds Zone message board for those few out there who still care about MLB’s Cincinnati Reds is in mid-season form as this thread IMO STILL shows people defending the incompetency of the organization and the less than stellar performance of team manager Bryan Price. Props to poster M2 for calling out the board’s resident apologist poster Raisor on pages 7 and 8. Unfortunately for those remaining Reds fans who would like the team to actually look competent once in awhile, Raisor’s attitude seems to be the prevalent one with Reds ownership and front office individuals. Hence I again set my expectations low and hope for a fourth place finish in a five team National League Central Division.  Since the team has finished last place in the division for three straight seasons, not like I’m asking for much. Also not like I’m expecting much to change either, so there’s that.

-Last but not least ending the post with a GIF courtesy of my elementary school days of one of my all-time favorite NBA dunks from legendary Julius “Dr. J” Erving of the Philadelphia 76ers:

Image result for dr j gif

Back next week-happy weekend to all.



3-4-18: Weekend Update

Another year, another Big 10 tourney loss for Indiana University basketball. Photo per Asbury Park Press

Twenty page paper was finished yesterday afternoon, results to follow in next two days. With a week off from classes some news and notes:

-not surprisingly Little Archie Miller’s Indiana Hoosiers men’s hoops team found a way to lose to Rutgers-as in the Rutgers with NO postseason appearances of any kind since 2006-in their Big 10 tournament opener Thursday night 76-69.  According to this current as of this writing USA Today link said Little Archie is the TENTH highest paid college basketball coach in the land. A 16-15 record is not exactly getting your money’s worth out of said deal, yet the Indiana administration doesn’t really give a s–t about having mediocre sports teams every year and the athletic department is ran by this individual….hence I’m not expecting too much for, oh, ever. Not like I should be surprised.

-to show just how things have changed due to going back to school,  a Sonland High sectional tournament basketball game took place while I was making my last blog post.  The result-an opening round loss-only seemed fitting considering these mid-season happenings.    

-Upped the sneaker collection as new Nike Air Way Ups are in the mail and should be here in the next couple of days. Yes, I lead an exciting life.

-Props to Penn Station as I will be using a 2 for 1 coupon this week courtesy of their yearly slot game for email subscribers. Saves me approximately $6.50 which will come in handy after spending $48 on family dinner yesterday at the previously referenced local Perkins. 

-Lastly wrapping things up for the night with a GIF of current favorite Indiana Pacer Lance Stephenson from the team’s run of back-to-back NBA Eastern Conference finals appearances from a few years ago:

Best wishes to all for a good week and to me for an A in the class. Stay tuned.




2/21/18- Midweek Musings

Image result for anderson ravens basketball lewis gymnasium
Upper deck view from Anderson University’s O.C. Lewis Gymnasium. Courtesy of the usbasket.com site.

Wednesday night. Overtime worked, some homework taken care of and another paper due in three days. Few thoughts as I also celebrate three consecutive days of posting:

-Two weeks ago I did something I had long talked about doing but never actually did: attend an Anderson University basketball game.  As Anderson serves as alma mater number four (I earned my MBA from there in 2015) it’s also the closest destination for me to go if I want to see a NCAA Division III college football or college basketball contest. Having seen there was one Wednesday night home game left in their regular season, I went with my father to see the host Ravens play Manchester College. Ended up being a good time without worry about getting a seat (there was roughly 650 people there in a gym that seats around 1,800) and the cost wasn’t bad at all (as mentioned previously it ended up costing just $11– $8 for tickets and $3 for a 12 ounce can of Diet Pepsi with a box of popcorn). Anderson won the game 93-79 and I had a decent time….decent enough to watch the second half of their conference tournament game last night against alma mater number one Transylvania University which also saw Anderson get the ‘W’ via a 95-82 score.  Said Ravens travel to Terre Haute to play Rose-Hulman this Friday afternoon in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference tournament semi-finals. Best of luck to them.

-Speaking of Transylvania, when I attended there for undergrad in the 1990’s this individual had the state of Kentucky in the palm of his hand.  Safe to say things have changed in recent days. See the Twitter background (as of this typing, anyway) from my  frat brother and TU roommate for two years for evidence.

-I now have a week and a half to go in my current class. Ten page paper due this Saturday with what will more than likely be a 20 page pager will then be due the following Saturday. Not looking forward to it but it has to be done.

-Closing out with my mood until said those papers are turned in courtesy of the one and only Al Bundy:

Image result for married with children gif

Here here Pride of Polk High.

Happy Wednesday to all as it’s back to studying.